Former bar worker brutally murdered in Pattaya, decomposing body found

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In a shocking case, a young woman who formerly worked in a bar was brutally murdered and left in a rented room in Pattaya for several days before her body was discovered. A cleaner at the apartment building had noticed a strong smell of decay and eventually alerted the police.

On Friday evening, police from Pattaya City station investigated the murder of 32 year old Rattana Thammaraks at a rented residence on Soi Chaloemphrakiat 19 in Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri province. Thammaraks was found with several stab wounds inflicted by a knife, and her body had bloated. Signs of a struggle were observed inside the room, including bloodstains and a broken picture frame with shattered glass on the floor.

An examination of the deceased showed that she was stabbed once behind her right ear, once on the left side of her neck, five times on her face, three times on her left shoulder, and once on her left hand. Authorities collected detailed evidence at the scene of the crime.

Suwapetch, a 61 year old cleaner at the building, revealed that over the past two days, residents had complained about the pungent smell of dead bodies emanating throughout the building. She then followed the smell and located it coming from room 308 where the deceased stayed. No one responded when she knocked on the door. Subsequently, she tried to unlock the door with a backup key and called the police immediately.

The cleaner described the victim as a cheerful woman with a pleasant appearance. The last time she saw her was on Election Day, May 14. Suwapetch also mentioned hearing a woman’s screams and a man yelling from the third floor on May 16. When she went to investigate, she saw a trail of blood but disregarded it as a catfight, only to later discover the woman’s body.

One of Thammaraks’ close friends revealed that, before the attack, the young woman had been unemployed, having left her job at the bar on Soi Buakhao. She didn’t return to her family in the northeast Buriram province despite her mother’s urging, leading to the tragic event.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Tanaphong Phutthi from Pattaya City Police Station disclosed that the officers are currently investigating three suspects who were connected with the deceased woman. The motive for the attack is still being determined, with the examination of CCTV footage. The fatal injury was believed to be the stab wound behind the right ear.

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