Neighbour arrested for murder after 3 year old girl found dead in Narathiwat pond

Picture courtesy of นราธิวาส มีดี Facenook

A village man has been arrested for allegedly abducting, assaulting, and killing a three year old girl in Narathiwat.

The case of a missing three year old girl in Narathiwat province tragically turned into a murder investigation when her body was discovered in a pond 500 metres from her home on May 16. The girl had disappeared from her house on May 14, and an initial medical examination found evidence of sexual assault. Police believe the suspect knew the local area well and questioned three to four individuals, performing DNA tests on 10 local residents. The incident occurred in an area inaccessible by vehicles, leading investigators to conclude that the girl could not have reached the pond on her own.

The parents of the child identified the spots where her body, trousers, and a disposable diaper were found. A warrant dated June 12 was subsequently issued for the arrest of a 46 year old man named Mayar, a neighbour of the victim’s family in Narathiwat province. He was wanted for child abduction, intentional murder, and tampering with or concealing a corpse to obstruct the discovery of the cause of death. Police have reportedly detained him and will proceed with legal action.

Last month, Paweena Hongsakul, the president of the Paweena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women, met with local police to discuss the case. The child, known as “A” (name withheld), disappeared on Sunday, May 14 and was found dead in a water pond about 300 metres away from her home on May 16. The area, which is used for livestock grazing, is located in Kaluewao Kao sub-district in the main city district of Narathiwat. To read more click HERE

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