Southern Thailand youth risk manipulation for political agendas

Picture courtesy of Patanian Student Movement - Pelajar Bangsa Facebook

In Southern Thailand, concerns have been raised over the potential manipulation of young people for political purposes by certain groups. This follows a recent event organised by the Pelajar Bangsa “national student movement” where a controversial public vote on a potential separation from Thailand took place. The 4th Army Region has strongly condemned this move, calling it a threat to national unity and stability.

During the special forum titled “Determining Our Own Future,” voting cards were printed for the public to cast their votes. Event organisers claimed the vote was legal; however, the 4th Army Region asserted that such a vote contravenes the law and poses a risk to the stability of the state.

Lt. Gen. Santi Sakuntanark, Commander of the 4th Army Region, criticised the activity as disrespectful, insulting, and a potential legal violation. He also highlighted that the vote goes against Article 1 of the Constitution, which states that “Thailand is one indivisible kingdom.”

Lt. Gen. Santi expressed concern over the involvement of students, academics, and political activists in the event. He fears that young people, particularly students, may be influenced and encouraged to participate in unlawful activities by certain groups, who may use them and educational institutions as political platforms or for other agendas.

The Internal Security Operations Command Region 4 Office’s legal and related departments are currently gathering data, including information about the behaviours and connections of various individuals involved in the event. Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, a conclusion and legal action against those involved are expected soon.

Lt. Gen. Santi emphasised fairness to all parties but assured that anyone found directly involved or supporting such activities would be prosecuted according to the law without exception.

Yesterday, it was reported that security agencies in Thailand are investigating a group of activists advocating for a public referendum on the creation of an independent Muslim “Patani State” in the country’s southern region. Read more HERE.

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