Korean woman arrested for 5 million baht theft, 6-year overstay

PHOTO: A South Korean woman on 6-year overstay arrested for stealing over 5 million from a man, also on overstay. (via Wikimedia)

A lesson that never seems to be learned is that, if you’re illegally overstaying in a country, try not to commit crimes and bring attention to yourself. A South Korean woman was arrested in Bangkok for stealing a car, bag, and watch valued at over 5 million baht from a South Korean friend. Both the Korean man and Korean woman were also on overstay and will be punished.

The woman was arrested on Sukhumvit Road according to an explanation from the Royal Thai Immigration Police yesterday. She was identified only as Ms Kim from South Korea. An arrest warrant had been issued for her in the Bangkok South Criminal Court two weeks ago on November 14.

When police caught up with her, they discovered that her passport stamp had expired 2,116 days ago. The South Korean woman had illegally overstayed her permitted time in Thailand by nearly six years.

Apparently, the theft was brought to light after a person, whom police described as her close male friend Mr Lee, was taken into custody for overstaying his passport stamp. It was not revealed if he had a short overstay or a monumental one like Ms Kim.

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According to The Pattaya News, while being detained, Mr Lee told police that Ms Kim had stolen his car, his watch, and his bag. The total value of the stolen property was 5.3 million baht.

Now the South Korean woman is in double trouble, facing prosecution for theft as well as the second prosecution for her extremely long overstay. Police will first pursue charges against her for the theft accusations. After those legal proceedings have finished, she will be punished for her overstay.

At the conclusion of whatever punishment she receives for stealing the car, watch, and bag, Thai Immigration will deport the woman at her own expense. She will be permanently blacklisted from ever returning to Thailand.

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