Unique EVA Air’s services you probably never knew about


Whoever said you can’t have it all clearly never flew EVA Air’s Premium Economy Class. As the first airline to introduce this class back in 1992, EVA Air perfectly merges the affordability of economy fares with the luxury of business class comfort.

The main feature of the Premium Economy Class is its generous space. But beyond providing extra space, this class also offers many surprising perks that you probably never knew existed. Below, we’ve compiled the top 5 unique services offered by EVA Air’s Premium Economy Class that will redefine your flying experience for good.

Top 5 EVA Air’s Premium Economy special services

1. Extra space for extra comfort

Comfortable seats at EVA Air's Premium Economy Class
PHOTO: Comfortable seats at EVA Air’s Premium Economy Class

One standout feature of EVA Air’s premium economy class that makes it worth the upgrade is the extra space that it offers. This class boasts seven rows of seating in a 2-4-2 configuration, offering a spacious and comfortable experience compared to the standard economy’s 3-4-3 layout.

These seats, blending contemporary design with practicality, are impressively large at 38 inches long and 19.5 inches wide. They also provide ample legroom and an adjustable leg rest, allowing you to stretch out and unwind during your flight. Moreover, each seat is ergonomically designed with plush leather headrests and supplemented with a Mood Light lighting system for optimal comfort and sound sleep.

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2. Baggage privilege

Unique EVA Air’s services you probably never knew about | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Baggage check-in, EVA Air

The special service for Premium Economy Class passengers starts even before you board the plane. One of the fantastic perks you’ll enjoy is an array of baggage privileges at check-in. EVA Air will give your luggage a special priority tag to ensure speedy loading and unloading. Therefore, you can expect your bags to be among the first on the carousel, so you can breeze through the airport and start your journey with unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

In terms of baggage allowance, you are granted the exclusive privilege of checking in two pieces of baggage, each with a generous weight limit of 23 kg (50 lbs). Moreover, this baggage allowance is valid whether you’re flying short-haul within Asia or long-haul to/from the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia.

3. Exclusive amenity kit

Overnight Kit for EVA Air's Premium Economy Class Passengers
PHOTO: Amenity Kit from Furla for EVA Air’s Premium Economy Class Passengers

Long-haul flights with EVA Air’s Premium Economy class are a luxurious affair thanks to the amenity kit provided to all passengers. To make the journey a pampering experience, these kits have recently been upgraded in a stylish collaboration with the renowned Belgian brand Kipling and Italian luxury brand Furla. Now, they feature indulgent additions such as moisturising cream, lip balm, socks, a comb, earplugs, and a sleep mask – all packed inside a stylish bag that you can take home.

Unique EVA Air’s services you probably never knew about | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Amenity Kit from Kipling for EVA Air’s Premium Economy Class Passengers

For passengers on long-haul flights departing from Taipei, you’ll get the latest “smoky blue” bag from Furla complete with Payot lotion and lip balm. Those on returning long-haul flights, on the other hand, will receive a bag from Kipling, which contains Hudson Made face cream and lip balm.

In addition to the amenity kit, expect to find a soft pillow and warm blanket waiting for you in your seat. Therefore, you’re sure to enjoy a restful flight and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.

4. Free inflight Wi-Fi

Unique EVA Air’s services you probably never knew about | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Premium Economy Class, EVA Air

Need to catch up on work, want to stay in touch with loved ones, or simply cannot live without your social media? Don’t worry, you can stay connected at 30,000 feet above the ground with EVA Air’s Premium Economy Class. They offer free Wi-Fi 50MB on long-haul routes for passengers opting for the Fare Family product ‘Up’. This free inflight Wi-Fi feature can be enjoyed on routes between Thailand and Europe, and between Taiwan and USA/Canada/Europe (excluding TPE-BKK and BKK-TPE flights).

To access your free Wi-Fi, simply head over to ‘Manage your trip’ on EVA Air’s website and complete the registration. Make sure you do this anywhere from 48 hours up to 30 minutes before takeoff. After the registration is complete, you will then get a voucher code for free Wi-Fi that will keep you smoothly connected throughout your journey.

5. Exclusive inflight entertainment system

Noise-cancelling headphones, Premium Economy Class, EVA Air
PHOTO: Noise-cancelling headphones, EVA Air

There’s never a dull moment on an EVA Air flight. They go above and beyond in providing an exclusive inflight entertainment system for all Premium Economy Class passengers. Their state-of-the-art 11-inch LCD touchscreen will keep you entertained as it features the Star Gallery’s extensive library of movies, TV shows, music, and games. Moreover, this setup is paired with noise-cancelling headphones, which guarantees a high-quality, cinematic experience throughout your journey.

You can also stay connected and powered up with USB plugs and 110v AC outlets for laptops, allowing you to charge your devices and stay productive on the go. Plus, their Duty-Free Onboard shopping is now more fun than ever. With vibrant graphics and multi-function modes, EVA Air has made browsing and ordering a truly thrilling experience.

With all that it has to offer, it’s easy to see why EVA Air’s Premium Economy Class has won numerous awards and prizes, such as Number 1 World’s Best Premium Economy Class Airline and Number 3 Best Premium Economy Class Airline Seats by Skytrax UK. The globetrotter’s mantra of ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’ takes on a whole new meaning when you step foot into EVA Air’s Premium Economy Class – they truly offer more comfort, more space, more value, and more enjoyment.


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