Top 5 winter wonderland destinations easily accessible from Bangkok with EVA Air


We all love Thailand’s year-round tropical bliss, but let’s be honest; there’s just something irresistibly magical about winter that has us dreaming of fluffy snowflakes instead of sandy beaches during the festive holiday season. The good news? Your dream winter holiday is closer than you think – all thanks to EVA Air. Offering exceptional services and extensive global routes, EVA Air promises a comfortable experience from take-off to touchdown.

Here are the top 5 winter destinations easily accessible from Bangkok with EVA Air.

1. Vienna

accessible winter destination from Bangkok with EVA Air
PHOTO: Vienna, Austria by Alisa Anton via Unsplash

Austria’s capital, Vienna, is a magical destination during the season, and the main attraction? The Christmas markets! One of the most popular is the Schönbrunn Christmas Market, which will stay open after Christmas as a New Year market. Boasting a gorgeous location in front of Schönbrunn Palace, the market houses over 80 stalls. From candle artisans to glassblowers, it’s an ideal spot for finding unique Christmas gifts and ornaments. Plus, the market is also a foodie’s paradise. Indulge in everything from waffles and crepes to soups and kaiserschmarren. There are even vegan delights on offer! And next to an impressive 18m tall Christmas tree is a quaint stage where live music fills the air.

Aside from the Christmas markets, Vienna is brimming with activities. Head to Silvesterpfad for New Year’s Eve. Featuring a path that winds through the heart of the city with pop-up stages and a variety of entertainment, it turns the city into one big street party. If you’re seeking a more laid-back experience, why not wander down the charming cobblestone streets? You can unwind at one of the numerous cafes or delve into history at one of the city’s many museums.

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Swapping Bangkok’s scorching heat to Vienna’s frosty air is a breeze with EVA Air’s direct flight route. With a flight frequency of 4 times a week (every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday), you have the flexibility to plan your winter adventure at your convenience, no matter how last minute it is. For instance, flight BR0061 departs from Bangkok at 02:45, arriving in Vienna at 08:25. The return flight, BR0062, takes off from Vienna at 17:45, landing back in Bangkok at 09:50 the next day.

2. Amsterdam

Top 5 winter wonderland destinations easily accessible from Bangkok with EVA Air | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Amsterdam Winter Paradise at RAI Amsterdam via

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas (or New Year’s Day) where the treetops glisten? Well, Amsterdam is just an EVA Air flight away.

You can’t always count on a snowy Christmas in Amsterdam. However, when the flakes do fall in the city, it transforms into a breathtaking winter wonderland. However, the true highlight is the plethora of festive activities on offer. Antique hunters and fashion enthusiasts will find joy in the winter markets that also sell handcrafted items and Christmas decorations. Moreover, those who want to see Amsterdam in a different light will love the Amsterdam Light Festival. Enjoy a leisurely 75-minute cruise along the picturesque canals while marvelling at breathtaking light sculptures.

But the biggest winter event in the city is The Winter Paradise at RAI Amsterdam. It boasts an expansive indoor and outdoor skating rink, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and even cross-country skiing facilities. Add to that Christmas stalls selling all sorts of goodies and performances by famous Dutch artists. There truly isn’t a better place to soak up the festive spirit.

Flying to Amsterdam takes about 13 hours, but with EVA Air, you’re sure to feel comfortable during the whole journey. Currently, EVA Air operates its Bangkok – Amsterdam route with the Boeing 777-300ER, offering three distinct classes: Royal Laurel Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class. Even the economy class guarantees comfort with shape-memory cushion seats, adjustable headrests, plenty of legroom, and a touch-screen TV showing an array of movies including recent Hollywood hits. You can also enjoy a variety of food and wine options.

For an enhanced travel experience, consider upgrading to Premium Economy Class which boasts business class seats with ample legroom and armrest. Plus, there’s a Mood Lighting system to ensure that you enjoy good quality sleep during your flight, an exclusive menu, travel-size kits, and noise-cancelling headphones.

And with EVA Air’s flight frequency of 3 times a week (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), including the convenient flight BR0075 departing from Bangkok at 12:15 and arriving in Amsterdam at 19:20, you can plan your winter escape with flexibility.

3. London

Regent Street, London, United Kingdom - accessible winter destination from Bangkok with EVA Air
PHOTO: Regent Street, London, United Kingdom by Jamie Davies via Unsplash

London sparkles with the glow of countless fairy lights at this time of year. The whole city looks like it’s been plucked straight from a Christmas card. Every nook and cranny of the city is full of festive cheer, from Covent Gardens to Oxford Street. One of the most popular attractions in London’s winter season is Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. This beloved annual event offers roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, market stalls, games, and of course, Santa. In addition, it’s also home to the biggest outdoor ice rink in the UK!

On New Year’s Eve, London comes alive around the Big Ben area where its midnight chimes are broadcast across the country. Fireworks light up the sky from barges near London Eye while party-goers flock to Trafalgar Square.

But aside from the joyous festivities, the city’s attractions are a must-see in the winter since there will be fewer crowds. Explore Buckingham Palace or tour the 25 free museums across the city, including The British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, and Natural History Museum. Moreover, some of the museums and galleries in the city boast ice rinks – a unique experience only available in winter! Among the many options, Hampton Court Palace and Somerset House are likely to be your favourites.

Think it’s too late to book that flight to London for a winter holiday? Think again. EVA Air has a daily direct flight from Bangkok to London, making it easy to plan your last-minute winter escape. The flight schedule includes BR0067 departing from Bangkok at 13:00 and arriving in London Heathrow (LHR) at 19:20. The return flight, BR0068, takes off from London Heathrow at 21:20 and lands back in Bangkok at 15:45 the next day.

If you choose the Royal Laurel Class, your winter escape to London begins in style at the VIP lounge at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. The contemporary design and ample space provide a relaxed environment to pass the time before your flight while indulging in an assortment of tasty Chinese, Western, and Thai dishes, as well as snacks and drinks. In addition, the Royal Laurel Class offers luxurious flying experiences with an exclusive amenity kit, noise-cancelling headphones, classic cuisines from all around the globe, and private seats that convert into an approximately 2-meter-long, fully lie-flat bed for a restful sleep.

4. New York City

Winter Village at Bryant Park, New York City - accessible winter destination from Bangkok with EVA Air
PHOTO: Winter Village at Bryant Park, New York City by Mary-Cris Martin via Unsplash

If there’s one city you need to visit at least once in your life during winter, it’s New York City. From museum exhibits and winter pop-ups to Ice rinks and stage shows, The Big Apple truly knows how to celebrate the festive season. Experience the magic of ice skating at the iconic Rockefeller Centre, right next to the towering Christmas tree. But if you’re looking for something out of a rom-com, the Wollman Rink is a hit. Another popular destination is, of course, Central Park. The green oasis is particularly breathtaking when blanketed in snow. There’s ample room for snowman building or crafting snow angels, and if there’s enough snow, sledging is an option too!

For something truly unique that only happens during winter, the New York Botanical Garden’s holiday train station is an absolute must-see. Shopaholics should make a beeline for Fifth Avenue. This renowned shopping street dazzles with Christmas lights and the stores pull out all the stops with their festive window displays. Bryant Park Winter Village is another shopper’s paradise with more than 180 retail and food stalls offering unique NYC-themed gifts.

You might think that planning a spontaneous year-end journey from Bangkok to New York City is a huge challenge. However, with EVA Air, the impossible becomes possible. Yep, you can still make it to watch the iconic Times Square Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve thanks to EVA Air’s daily flights, including BR0212 departing from Bangkok at 12:10 and arriving in Taipei at 16:45, and BR0032 taking off from Taipei at 19:20 and landing in JFK at 21:05, you have the flexibility to plan your winter adventure seamlessly.

The return journey, BR0031, leaves JFK at 00:05, arrives in Taipei at 06:20 the next day, and connects to BR0067 departing from Taipei at 08:40, landing back in Bangkok at 11:40. Plenty of alternatives are also available for connecting flights between Bangkok and Taipei.

And while the flight from Bangkok to New York City involves a layover in Taipei, your comfort is always the number one priority for EVA Air.

5. Munich

Top 5 winter wonderland destinations easily accessible from Bangkok with EVA Air | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Christmas Market in Munich by Usien via Wikimedia Commons

There’s almost no better place than Munich to experience a picture-perfect European winter. The city is a winter wonderland, twinkling with lights and filled with the mouthwatering aroma of roasted almonds and mulled wine.

Winter in Munich feels like one big festive amusement park. Feeling adventurous? Go try ice bathing in the Isar River. This is a centuries-old tradition believed to boost your body’s resilience against cold temperatures. You’ll see plenty of brave souls taking this icy plunge during winter! Or why not enjoy some cross-country skiing along the Isar River or ice skating on the Nymphenburg Canal?

If skiing and ice skating aren’t your style, immerse yourself in the enchanting Christmas markets, especially the renowned Christkindlmarkt on Marienplatz. Another cosy city experience you shouldn’t miss out on is the Munich Beer Tour. The tour invties you to explore globally famous beer taverns and local hotspots. Moreover, if you’ve ever dreamed about living in a fairy tale, make sure you visit Neuschwanstein, the castle that inspired Cinderella’s own. Although it’s slightly outside of Munich, it’s worth every minute of the journey!

EVA Air has convenient flight options for those planning a winter escape to Munich. With 4 flights weekly (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday), including BR0068 departing from Bangkok at 17:10 and arriving in Taipei at 21:45, and connecting to BR0071, taking off from Taipei at 23:25 and landing in Munich at 07:25 the next day, you have flexibility in choosing the perfect time for your European winter adventure. The return journey, BR0072, departs from Munich at 11:30, arrives in Taipei at 06:30 the next day, and connects to BR0067 departing from Taipei at 08:40, landing back in Bangkok at 11:40.

Fly to your winter wonderland with EVA Air

Top 5 winter wonderland destinations easily accessible from Bangkok with EVA Air | News by Thaiger

Yet, Christmas and New Year are quickly approaching. However, with EVA Air at your service, there’s still plenty of time to plan that dreamy winter wonderland holiday. No matter how last-minute it is or where on Earth you intend to celebrate these joyous times, EVA Air is here to ensure your journey becomes as memorable as the destination itself.

In addition, EVA Air has enhanced its convenience factor by partnering with some of Europe’s finest railways. These collaborations include Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) in Vienna, Deutsche Bahn Railway in Amsterdam and Munich, and Great Western Rail in London, as well as SNCB International and Thalys for travels between Belgium and Netherland. These strategic partnerships allow passengers to seamlessly transition from air travel to rail travel, making their journey even more comfortable and efficient.

To reserve your flight or check the schedule, visit EVA Air’s website HERE.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram as well for the latest updates.


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