Tennis as an outdoor activity in Thailand

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Delve into the captivating realm of tennis in Thailand, a nation where this sport surpasses being merely a recreational activity and symbolises a lifestyle. As you traverse through the historic metropolis of Chiang Mai, you will discover numerous tennis courts, each possessing its own distinctive allure. Regardless of your expertise level, from professionals to beginners, an inviting court awaits you.

Ranging from the seemingly aged but serviceable Nawarat Courts, close to the Ancient City, to the exquisite synthetic grass courts at the four seasons, each venue brings forth a distinctive experience. Do not let the ageing surfaces of some courts deter you – it merely adds to their appeal and the game remains equally engrossing. Moreover, the awe-inspiring mountainous vistas recompense beyond measure.

Should you crave a more challenging escapade, consider the Nut Tennis Courts, merely a 20-minute drive away. The essence lies not just in the game, but also in the journey and the enchanting vistas that accompany it. Therefore, tighten those laces on your tennis shoes and gear up to serve in the riveting world of tennis in Thailand.

The popularity of tennis in Thailand

Growth and trends
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Growth and trends

Tennis enjoys a significant following in Thailand, with a surge in popularity traced back to a decade ago when Paradorn Srichiphan, affectionately known as bon reached the ATP world top 10. He emerged as the first Asian player to achieve this distinction, inspiring a generation of enthusiasts both locally and abroad. Responding to this wave of interest, Bangkok now boasts numerous tennis courts and clubs. As an outdoor activity, tennis in Thailand is an enticing prospect for Thais as well as Bangkok’s expatriate community.

Factors driving popularity

Several factors contribute to the rise of tennis in Thailand. Most tennis courts in Bangkok are outdoors, amplifying the game’s appeal as a fantastic opportunity to experience Thailand’s vibrant outdoors. Playing under tropical conditions might present a heat and humidity challenge, however, the spirited players often effortlessly brave it. Interestingly, these elements make the courts relatively free during the daytime—perfect for those seeking a casual match or regular practice sessions.

Furthermore, tennis equipment is not hard to find in Bangkok, with sports shops offering a vast array of options. You’ll also find specialised tennis shops conveniently located around the city, ensuring you’re never too far from getting the right gear.

Destinations for tennis engagements

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Thailand, internationally acclaimed for its outdoor pursuits, additionally possesses a flourishing tennis environment. Amidst the multitude of locations disseminated across the nation, presenting exceptional tennis amenities, it stands as an optimum choice for individuals endeavouring to amalgamate their passion for the sport with a penchant for exterior activities.

Urban centres

Urban areas in Thailand offer surprising gems for tennis enthusiasts. Located near the Old City in Chiang Mai, the Nawarat Tennis facility comprises six hard courts. Whether it’s lessons, coaching, or match play you’re interested in, there’s space for it all. The guest fee for a day’s play is a nominal 50 Baht, paid in cash. Two of these courts are dedicated to lessons and coaching guidance, with the remaining four set aside for match play. What’s intriguing about this site is its lovely backdrop – a stunning mountain view that more than compensates for the old, albeit playable, courts.

Resort destinations

Resorts serve as another captivating avenue for exploring tennis as an outdoor activity in Thailand. The four seasons in Chiang Mai house the most pictorial tennis courts in the region, with two synthetic grass courts that offer a unique playing experience. These courts replicate the speed of a real grass court while maintaining a slow enough pace to guarantee engaging rallies. Expect to pay a court rental fee of 350 Baht per hour. Although not mandatory, booking your court in advance is preferred, especially for those not staying at the resort.

Features of top tennis facilities

Delving deeper into the specifics, let’s discuss the quality of courts and accessibility of these bustling tennis hubs.

Quality of courts

Despite the age of some courts like Nawarat’s, they’re playable and offer an authentic rugged tennis experience. For those drawn to novelty, the four seasons in Chiang Mai have two synthetic grass courts, unique in their identity and play style. Surasak Tennis Club in Bangkok and Nawarat in Chiang Mai both boast an array of outdoor and indoor courts, offering a fitting choice regardless of weather. Not letting age define them, these old courts have plans for resurfacing, further enhancing the quality of play. Even amid cracks, they hold their aesthetics, with the mountain view beyond the courts presenting a picturesque tennis setting that could easily make up for the worn-out courts.

Accessibility and amenities

Convenience reigns when it comes to the location of these facilities. If you’re a visitor staying near the Old City in Chiang Mai, Nawarat tennis courts make for the closest option. With an exciting hub of six hard courts, it provides ample space for tennis lessons, coaching, and match play. Impressed with the strategic placement of the facilities, a guest fee of 50 Baht per day, if you’re only there for the day, sounds like a fair deal. On the other hand, Surasak Tennis Club located on Soi Saeng Chai in Bangkok offers relatively cheap prices for their outdoor and indoor roofed courts.

Tennis training programs in Thailand

Tennis serves as an invigorating outdoor activity in Thailand, an ideal option not only for tennis aficionados but also for beginners eager to grasp a new skill. Offering a wide range of tennis training programs and unique facilities, Thailand presents an appealing prospect for developing one’s tennis skills.

Adult coaching sessions

Adult Coaching Sessions in Thailand are both diverse and accommodating. Locations like Le Smash Club and Tennis Academy in Bangkok and the Phuket Tennis Academy offer professional training sessions suited to all skill levels. They extend personal training, hitting/knocker partners, and a variety of group classes.

Opting for a membership in these clubs brings numerous benefits. Besides improving your game, it brings you in touch with like-minded people and introduces you to local and regional competitions. Add to this, the thrill of playing on premium surfaces like acrylic hard tennis surfaces – the official surface of the US Open, available at Thailand’s Phuket Tennis Academy, and you’ve got the complete package. No stone is left unturned in empowering players and giving them a wholesome tennis experience in these top-notch venues across Thailand.

Tennis events and tournaments

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Tennis as an outdoor activity in Thailand isn’t only about leisure or personal improvement. It also presents multiple avenues for competition. Fresh air, exciting challenges, and a vibrant community await you.

Local competitions

Initiatives like the BISP Tennis Academy not only offer top-tier coaching, but also host local events like tournaments, BBQs, and social gatherings. By participating in these, you experience a club atmosphere unique to the Academy. You find yourself not only upping your game but also becoming a part of a thriving tennis culture.

In addition to this, Thor’s Tennis Academy in Chiang Mai is another academy promoting the local competition culture. Their facilities include six hard courts for match play, pushing players to exercise their skills against a variety of competitors. Regardless of where you are in Thailand, access to a local competition is never too far away.

International participation

Thailand also hosts world-class tennis tournaments attracting players globally to its borders. Paradorn International Tennis Academy in Hua Hin frequently sees international participation, boosted by the reputation of its namesake, Paradorn Srichaphan, the first men’s singles player from Asia to be ranked in the ATP top.

Joining a club or academy provides not just access to experienced tennis coaches, but also paves the way to participate in these prestigious competitions.

Having had the opportunity to witness firsthand the state-of-the-art facilities in esteemed locations such as Chiang Mai and Bangkok, along with the structured training modules at Phuket and Paradorn International Tennis Academy, one can discern the deep-seated tennis culture in Thailand. This culture embraces everyone, right from novices to enthusiastic practitioners to professional athletes. The exhilaration of local and global tennis tournaments conducted on Thailand’s terrain further attests to this. It is evident that tennis in Thailand extends beyond the realm of merely being a sport, rather, it is ingrained as a lifestyle choice. Irrespective of your intention to learn, compete, or bask in a game under the paradisiacal sun, Thailand’s tennis environment caters to all needs. The moment is here to arm yourself with a racket and partake in the ongoing activities.

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