Six-Pack Surgery offers painless solution to lazy gym goers

It’s time to banish those bums and tums thanks to an intriguing treatment that’s becoming increasingly popular in Thailand.

Many of us have dreamed of strutting our stuff down one of Phuket’s golden sandy beaches. And now you can. If you want the ultimate beach body without pumping any iron, then six-pack surgery could be the ideal solution. Over the last four to five years, this surgery has seen many patients fly to South East Asia in order to obtain the ultimate figure.

Overseas patients and their almost beach-ready bodies don’t even need to set one foot inside a gym. Say goodbye to sweaty towels and dusty lockers and hello to rip-roaring abs. But this treatment comes at a price. Costing around $4,000, it demonstrates that becoming body beautiful certainly comes at a price.

Of course, many medical tourists are turning to a number of different treatments for the ultimate chiseled figure. From liposuction and Coolsculpting to breast implants and double eyelid surgery, the medical tourism sector is growing at a rapid rate with a 20% year on year rise.

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“There has been a noticeable uptake for instant six-pack surgeries in clinics across Thailand. Perfect for those looking for a quick fix, patients can enjoy top-notch, cost-effective surgery in luxurious surroundings and state of the art medical facilities. Consequently, patients benefit from a longer-lasting sculpted appearance whilst recovering in style,” says Andrew Waters of MyMediTravel.

In addition to this, many patients are tempted by Thailand’s 60-plus JCI-accredited hospitals where they can take advantage of liposuction and fat removal. Together with convenient travel, direct flights to major airports, such as Bangkok and Phuket, and breathtaking resorts for pre and post-op recovery – it’s no surprise demand is steadily growing.

So, what is actually involved in this specific process? In this case, silicone implants are not inserted into patients’ abdomens. Instead, a patient’s six-pack region is usually etched initially with liposuction then performed to remove fat located around the stomach.

As a result, the abdomen area looks far more natural and defined in contrast to regular silicone fillers. Although the recovery process is somewhat, excuse the pun, abnormal, with significant dressings and bandages around the area, there are a host of patients looking to undergo this surgery. This includes both fitness-phobes as well as fitness aficionados who are unable to achieve their targets.

Six-Pack Surgery offers painless solution to lazy gym goers | News by Thaiger

In fact, there are some individuals who despite regular workouts cannot shift anything around the abdomen and have turned to plastic surgery to gain confidence. Whether male or female, stubborn belly fat is one of the hardest things to shift. No matter how many gym visits or strange diets one may take up, it can be a long, hard slog. This is especially the case when it comes to age, as metabolism rates slowly decrease.

Call it frustration or call it quick progress, there is no doubt many patients are seeking new and innovative medical alternatives to ensure they take to the beach with absolute confidence.


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