Great news for diabetics as new oral insulin pill will soon replace injections

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In a monumental leap forward for diabetes care, a team of global researchers is unveiling a game-changing development – a revolutionary oral insulin pill poised to transform the lives of over 580 million individuals globally grappling with diabetes including more than 2.9 million Thais. This breakthrough not only promises relief from the daily burden of insulin injections but also heralds a new era of convenience and efficacy in managing this chronic condition.

Nanotechnology: Pioneering a new frontier

Harnessing the power of nanotechnology, scientists are on the brink of introducing an oral insulin solution that could potentially replace the need for syringes or insulin pumps – a prospect that brings hope to the estimated 580 million individuals worldwide living with diabetes. Unlike traditional insulin delivery methods that rely on injections, this innovative approach leverages nano-carriers encapsulating insulin, each particle a mere fraction of the width of a human hair.

Leading this groundbreaking research is a collaborative effort between esteemed institutions such as the ANZAC Research Centre and the University of Sydney, with Professor Dr Victoria Cogger emphasising the transformative potential of oral insulin.

“Our goal is to provide easily accessible insulin without the risk of hypoglycemic events or associated weight gain, offering a holistic approach to managing diabetes.”

Great news for diabetics as new oral insulin pill will soon replace injections | News by Thaiger
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Precision medicine unleashed: The science behind oral insulin

At the heart of this breakthrough lies a meticulously designed oral insulin pill comprising three layers, including silver sulphide quantum dots and a smart polymer material shell. This intricate architecture ensures precise insulin delivery, rapidly targeting areas of the body in need while minimizing systemic effects.

Notably, the pill’s responsiveness to glucose levels ensures insulin release only when necessary, a stark departure from traditional injections that deliver a fixed dose regardless of fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Professor Peter McCourt, a key figure in this transformative research at UiT Norway’s Arctic University, elaborates on the scientific marvel driving oral insulin.

“Our encapsulation method shields insulin from degradation in the digestive tract, allowing it to reach the liver intact, where it can exert its therapeutic effects efficiently.”

This breakthrough mirrors the natural physiological pathway of insulin in healthy individuals, promising fewer side effects and enhanced patient compliance.

Great news for diabetics as new oral insulin pill will soon replace injections | News by Thaiger
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A glimpse into the future: Human trials and beyond

As the research progresses from laboratory success to real-world application, the imminent commencement of human trials in 2025 marks a pivotal milestone. Spearheaded by Endo Axiom Pty Ltd., these trials will assess the safety and efficacy of oral insulin in diverse patient populations, offering a glimpse into a future where injections may become a relic of the past for diabetes management.

Nicholas J. Hunt, co-leading the project alongside Victoria Cogger, emphasizes the potential of oral insulin in revolutionizing diabetes care.

“This more practical and patient-friendly method greatly reduces the risk of low blood sugar events, known as hypoglycemia, while allowing for controlled insulin release tailored to individual needs.”

With meticulous attention to safety and efficacy, researchers are poised to usher in a new standard of diabetes treatment within the next two-three years.

Great news for diabetics as new oral insulin pill will soon replace injections | News by Thaiger
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The advent of oral insulin represents a monumental stride towards personalised, accessible, and effective diabetes management. As this groundbreaking innovation unfolds, it stands as a testament to human ingenuity, offering renewed hope and empowerment to millions worldwide living with diabetes.

The study on the new oral insulin pill can be found on this website which supports the emergence of this new technology in combatting diabetes.

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