Clinic owner unmasked as actor’s pickpocket in Ratchayothin

A beauty clinic owner with a high-profile image has been identified as the pickpocket who recently targeted a young actor from Mflow Entertainment. The incident, which involved the theft of an iPhone 13 Pro Max, occurred last night in a nightlife venue in the Ratchayothin area.

This revelation was made public when surveillance footage of the theft was shared on a Facebook page, igniting shock and disbelief among online users due to the perpetrator’s seemingly reputable background.

The actor sought assistance through the Facebook page, stating that a police report was filed at the Phaholyothin Station, and subsequent investigations revealed the suspect’s full name, Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Astonishingly, the individual is the owner of a beauty clinic in the Asiatique area, known for a luxurious lifestyle showcasing brand-name possessions, a stark contrast to the criminal behaviour captured on camera.

Further investigations revealed that at least two other victims had come forward with similar experiences, implicating the same individual based on matching descriptions and modus operandi.

Authorities suspect the involvement of more than one person, potentially indicating an organised pickpocketing ring. To date, over 20 victims have reported thefts amounting to losses exceeding 1 million baht, not including other personal belongings.

CCTV footage shows an initial failed attempt by the thief, who then follows the victim into the venue and seizes the opportunity to steal while the actor is distracted during a farewell with friends, reported Sanook.

The release of this footage is meant to raise public awareness about personal property safety and serve as a cautionary tale to prevent further incidents within the community.

In related news, a Thai police officer dismissed a complaint from a Norwegian man and his Thai girlfriend who lost 30,000 baht in cash and a mobile phone to four pickpockets outside a shopping mall in Bangkok. The Thai cop allegedly told the foreigner it was his fault, a result of bad karma in their past lives.

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