Thai model Pim Kranok legal fight against leaked video

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A high-profile case has emerged in the entertainment industry as a well-known Thai model and Internet idol, Pim Kranok, courageously steps forward to take legal action against the individual responsible for leaking a private video of her that has been circulating on social media.

Suffering personal distress from the incident, Pim reveals her determination to use advanced forensic tools to trace the source and hold the perpetrator to account.

Recently, at 10.30am, Pim, accompanied by her manager and current boyfriend, complained to the Cyber Crime Division of the Royal Thai Police. She was joined by a prominent social activist and founder of the Sai Mai Must Survive page, Ekapop Luangprasert, who is advising her in this ordeal.

They met with the division commander, Police Major General Chatchapanthakarn Klaiklueng, to initiate the legal process against those involved in the dissemination of the private video.

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Pim, with tears, shared her disbelief and pain, expressing confusion over how the video could have been leaked, especially since her ex-boyfriend, who is also in the video, claimed that his phone had not been tampered with. She pleaded with the public not to share the video and expressed gratitude towards those who have offered support and respect during this challenging time.

Ekapop highlighted that the leaked video involves Pim and her ex-boyfriend, not a Korean man, as some had speculated. He clarified that the ex-boyfriend in question dated Pim after her previous relationship with a Korean national had ended.

Legal assistance

Ekapop confirmed that since the video’s leak, Pim has acknowledged it features her and has sought legal assistance through the Sai Mai Must Survive page. He also mentioned that the cyber police are using special tools to investigate and identify the person who leaked the video, noting that there are several suspicious aspects to the case.

Ekapop further commented on the behaviour of the ex-boyfriend, criticizing those who continue to share the video and urging them to show compassion for women in such situations. He condemned the act as disgraceful and cautioned about the legal consequences of sharing such content, including potential fines and imprisonment.

Police Major General Chatchapanthakarn stated that a female investigator would conduct the inquiry. He warned of the legal repercussions under various sections of Thai law for those who distribute or share content that causes harm to others.

He emphasised the urgency of the investigation and the police’s commitment to protecting the victim’s dignity, assuring that even if images or videos are deleted from a phone, the authorities can retrieve them, reported Khaosod.

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