Bug-eating challenge with Natty, feat. Mark Abbott | VIDEO

Eaten bugs and insects in Thailand? You’ve probably seen the fried up bugs being sold in the local market. But do you have the stomach to challenge yourself to eat the famous Thai bugs? Join Natty as she challenges guest Mark Abbott to a bug eating challenge. Who wins? Find out in our latest Thailand Challenge.

Eating insects in Thailand is common among the locals. While many may find the thought disgusting, you may be surprised to learn that some of them taste pretty good. Curious?

Here’s another Thaiger Vlog of bug taste testing…

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Tim Newton

Tim joined The Thaiger as one of its first employees in 2018 as an English news writer/editor and then began to present The Thaiger's Daily news show in 2020, Thailand News Today (or TNT for short). He has lived in Thailand since 2011, having relocated from Australia.

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