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UPDATE: Israel bans ALL foreign entry over Omicron

Israel is the first country to impose a blanket ban on all foreigners from entering the country for at least 14 days. In a statement to parliament, Israeli PM Naftali Bennett says the ban, pending government approval, would last for 14 days.

Meanwhile, the South African doctor who was the first to sound an international alarm over the new Omicron variant of Covid-19 says that “its symptoms are unusual but mild” in healthy patients. She also noted that the strain could cause further complications in the “elderly and unvaccinated”.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who chairs the South African Medical Association, says she discovered the new strain of the coronavirus after her Covid patients in Pretoria exhibited strange symptoms at her private clinic.

Scientists have not yet been able to establish the exact location where the new variant emerged, despite the first cases being identified in South Africa. WHO scientists have also admitted that, despite being first identified in South Africa, the new strain is probably spread much further already.

So far, Dr. Coetzee has had 2 dozen patients who tested positive for the new variant and have displayed “unusual symptoms, mostly young men. She says at least half of the patients were unvaccinated.

“None of those infected lost their sense of smell or taste” (a common symptom of C-19 patients up to date).

Here are some of the other main updates about Omicron at this time…

◾️Omicron Covid variant has now spread to 9 countries

◾️The Philippines suspends flights from 8 southern African countries

◾️Singapore’s PM says Omicron could lead to return of some curbs and disrupt Vaccinated Travel Lane program

◾️Thailand bans travel for 8 southern African countries and imposes quarantine on recent arrivals

◾️EU states agree to suspend travel to southern Africa, Germany identifies first cases

◾️Morocco bans travellers from seven southern African states

◾️Guatemala to restrict southern African travellers

◾️Brazil’s President Bolsonaro dismisses call for Covid travel curbs

◾️Saudi Arabia suspends flights with seven countries in southern Africa

◾️UK identifies first 2 cases and identifies specific genome for new variant

◾️WHO designates Omicron as “variant of concern”

◾️US stocks and Bitcoin fall sharply Friday on news of new strain

◾️Belgium detects first case of new strain in Europe

◾️Shanghai curbs tourism over new Covid-19 cases

◾️Israel bans arrivals from most African countries, PM warns of ‘state of emergency’

◾️Morocco bans travellers from South Africa

◾️South Africa sport shutting down over new variant


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