Too much free time – Malaysian puzzler slices and dices Mr Potato Head

A Malaysian puzzle enthusiast has broken a Guinness World Record through the worthy activity of slicing and dicing a Mr Potato Head toy in 5.43 seconds.

After countless hours of arduous practice, Lim Kai Yi of Butterworth finally achieved his sad little dream of taking the record for the fastest time to assemble Mr Potato Head. Applicants must start with a completely naked potato head and add the feet, arms, face and hat faster than other competitors, (who have also spent many years fumbling around with plastic toys).

Yi completed in a time of 5.43 seconds, beating the record for assembling Mr Potato Head of 5.69 seconds, set in December 2021 by British teenager Matilda Walden.

Yi previously broke other completely useless record including the fastest time to solve a 4×5 Klotski puzzle blindfolded and the fastest time to complete a Soma cube blindfolded.

This year’s Rubik cube champion Matty Hiroto Inaba completed the 3x3x3 cube event in an average time of 5.62 seconds in Canada, showing that the Potato Head record is only slightly easier than the 3×3 cube, despite the Rubik’s cube being considered a much more challenging event.

The world cubing record is a lot faster.