Lost baby elephant recovering from multiple injuries

PHOTO: A baby elephant is recovering after being found injured and alone in the jungle. (via Department of National Parks)

After being stranded alone in the jungle, a baby elephant is recovering from multiple injuries in the central province of Suphan Buri. The Bueng Chawak Wildlife Management Centre took in an elephant that is less than two months old. Her name is Nong Thanwa and she was found alone in the jungle and injured. The complex transportation to the centre required a temperature-controlled car and a helicopter.

The baby elephant was just one month old when she got injured after losing her herd in the jungle around Srinakarin Dam. Though it is unknown how she was injured, a wildlife veterinarian expert said that they were too many injuries to count.

“We couldn’t even assess the number of [injuries] as they are countless. She was very lucky her bones were not broken.”

The baby was found on November 27 by villagers in Kanchanaburi, in tambon Khao Chot. Locals reported it to authorities and built a makeshift bamboo hut for the animal to live in. Officials from the Khuean Srinagarindra National Park visited the elephant’s temporary home and conducted a safety check-up, and reported her dire condition on December 3 on the Department of National Parks Facebook page.

“A health assessment was performed and initial treatment was provided. It was found that the stray elephant calf was a female aged about one month and weighing 130-150 kilograms. The elephant was very weak, undernourished and severely dehydrated, with loose stool and pale mucous membranes. A hole was found in the [elephant’s] mouth and multiple wounds infected with flies’ eggs on the tip of the lower lip and ears. Scratches were found all over the body.”

The wildlife veterinarian reported that baby Nong Thanwa is slowly recovering. She can stand and walk on her own now and is showing a more positive disposition. He said that she must be closely monitored to avoid any possible complications. Updates for the baby elephant have been posted with the hashtag #SurvivalTogether.

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