Thammasat University says vaccines slowed by government docs

PHOTO: Thammasat University says vaccines donated from Poland are delayed due to government's slow paperwork. (via

After striking several deals to import vaccines, Thammasat University has expressed frustration with how bureaucratic red tape is delaying the arrival of 3 million Moderna vaccines donated from Poland. They called for the government to expedite the process to get the Moderna vaccine into Thailand.

The 3 million vaccines that Poland had donated to the university were scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, but the shipment was delayed as the deal waited on official paperwork from the government of Thailand. A source from the university reported that the government said yes to the donation, but they did not submit the required documents to make it official.

The deal between the hospital of Thammasat University and Poland’s vaccine centre was arranged with the assistance of the Thonburi Healthcare Group who is facilitating the transportation of the Moderna vaccines from Poland to Thailand, as well as handling the quality-control tests and related expenses.

The delay has frustrated Thammasat University, which had already clashed with the government over a reduced distribution of vaccines previously, leaving the university short stocked for administering vaccines which they said slowed them in their battle to contain Covid-19 outbreaks.

The director of Thammasat University Hospital says they are still trying to get the government to submit paperwork and receive the vaccines from Poland, as they also expect 1.5 million vaccines to arrive by the end of October. In November, another batch of 2 million Moderna vaccines is scheduled to follow.

Aside from the 3 million donated vaccines from Poland, Thammasat University has made a deal in late September with a private hospital to import 5 million Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as well as a second deal to procure 2 million Moderna vaccines with another private hospital.

Thammasat University has also made an agreement to conduct trials for an unnamed European vaccine as well as with a generic drug manufacturer in India for the Molnupiravir antiviral drug made in India.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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