Chum Saeng Hospital closed after 4 staff contract Covid-19

PHOTO: A pregnant woman spread Covid-19 forcing the closure of Chum Saeng Hospital. (via Pixabay)

After 4 staff of Chum Saeng Hospital in Nakhon Sawan were infected with Covid-19, the hospital was forced to close until July 10. The medical personnel assisted in delivering a baby and after the birth, the woman complained of chest pains. She was then tested for Covid-19 and the results came back positive.

The hospital, in the Chum Saeng district of Nakhon Sawan, about 250 kilometres north of Bangkok, is now testing its entire staff. A total of 7 medical personnel came in close contact with the woman during her labour and delivery, including doctors and nurses. They have all been tested and 4 were confirmed to have Covid-19. The other 3 still haven’t received their test results.

The decision was made by the district chief of Chum Saeng to essentially shut down the hospital to prevent any possible Covid-19 outbreak and spread. About 200 other employees at the hospital will need to be tested to make sure any other cases of Coronavirus are identified and isolated.

Some of the staff if Chum Saeng Hospital have already been fully vaccinated with 2 doses of Sinovac, but they will be tested along with the rest of the staff.

All normal services at the hospital will be suspended from yesterday until July 10 as of now. The only patients who will be seen during that time are emergency cases that require urgent immediate treatment. All other patients will be referred to three nearby hospitals – Kao Lieo, Krok Phra, and Nong Bua Hospital.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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