7 food factories in Kanchanaburi test employees, 100+ test positive

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7 fruit and vegetable processing plants in western Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province recently performed mass testing on its employees. Over 100 people tested positive for Covid.

The active case finding started yesterday. It concentrated on Thai and Burmese workers at the Vita Food Factory and 5 of its subsidiary locations: Vanda Preserved Food, Vanda Factory, Vanda Frozen, Karn Corn and Thai Kokon Food. Also, Fruity Dry Co Ltd. The companies produce processed vegetables and fruit.

The company tested 400 workers. They determined 141 of them had Covid, says Dr Itthipoll Charas-olarn, director of Makarak Hospital, today.

Kanchanaburi governor Jirakiat Phumsawat has ordered the plants be closed… until next Wednesday.

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Earlier today, the Thaiger wrote how many venues in Bangkok will close until August 2 as Covid continues to spread throughout the country. However, it was also reported that 6 Covid-19 vaccine importers have been asked to prepare purchase plans for next year.

Since early April, Kanchanaburi has registered 1,685 Covid cases, 19 of whom died.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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