Thailand Video News | Onlyfans creator fined for explicit beach display, Myanmar man drowns in Phuket ignoring no-swim warnings

In this Thailand video news, Alex and Jay cover the stories from across Thailand. Beginning with a Myanmar man tragically drowned at Phuket Beach despite warnings against swimming. Meanwhile, Jomtien Beach’s serene ambiance was marred by the disruption caused by illegal fireworks, leading to the arrest of vendors. In another incident, Chinese businessmen fell victim to extortion, allegedly coerced by Thai law enforcement and civilians for a hefty sum of 2.5 million Baht. On Bangsaen Beach, an OnlyFans creator faced repercussions for public indecency, resulting in a fine. Moreover, a luxurious custom Mercedes Maybach met a disastrous fate in a crash worth 11.2 million Baht, sparking a viral sensation. Adding a touch of humour to the mix, an online debate ensued after a woman abruptly left her date following his denial of a loud fart.

Myanmar Man Drowns at Phuket Beach After Ignoring No-Swim Warning

A 20-year-old Myanmar man, Nay Myo Zaw, tragically drowned at Kalim Beach in Phuket after disregarding a red no-swim flag and entering dangerous waters. He and a friend were caught in a rip current shortly after venturing out to swim, prompting a swift rescue effort involving Patong lifeguards and Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers. Despite saving one man, rescuers were unable to reach Nay Myo Zaw in time, discovering his lifeless body 20 minutes later. This tragic incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of heeding safety warnings at beach locations.


Illegal Fireworks Disrupt Jomtien Beach Tranquility, Vendors Arrested

A peaceful night at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya was shattered as the illicit sale of fireworks caused noise pollution and safety concerns. Responding to complaints from residents, Banglamung officials arrested three vendors near The Now Hotel for illegally selling the fireworks, posing a potential threat to beachgoers. Despite the allure of the displays, local residents voiced concerns over the safety and disturbance these fireworks caused. Alongside these arrests, officials conducted checks on teenagers to ensure no illegal substances were present, finding none. The increased patrols reflect law enforcement’s concerted efforts to preserve the serenity of Jomtien Beach for all visitors.


Chinese Businessmen Extorted for 2.5 Million Baht by Thai Law Enforcement and Civilians

A shocking extortion case unfolded in Bangkok involving five Chinese businessmen detained and extorted for 2.5 million baht by a group of Thais, including active and retired law enforcement officers. After being coerced at a Bangkok hotel, the businessmen were taken to awaiting vehicles and forced to pay a ransom under the guise of a fraudulent digital currency transaction. Police apprehended five suspects, including the alleged ringleader, retired officer Police Senior Sergeant Major Atthawut, while two other suspects remain at large. Investigations continue as authorities seek arrest warrants and identify additional individuals involved in this daring plot.


OnlyFans Creator Fined for Public Indecency on Bangsaen Beach

A 26-year-old OnlyFans content creator, Natch, was fined by Bangsaen police after her explicit video filmed at Bangsaen Beach gained over two million views. The video showed her and a male companion engaging in intimate acts in public, including revealing and touching private parts under a palm tree and along a roadside opposite the beach. After the video stirred public concern about its potential impact on the beach’s tourist image, the police charged Natch with public indecency, resulting in a fine of 2,000 baht.


Custom Mercedes Maybach in 11.2 Million Baht Crash Sparks Viral Sensation

A rear-end collision between a customised two-tone Mercedes-Benz S580e Maybach and a pickup truck went viral online after causing an estimated 11.2 million baht worth of damage to the luxury car. The incident, highlighted on TikTok by user Banknitikorn, stirred shock and sympathy across social media due to the staggering cost of repairs. The exclusive Maybach model, not assembled in Thailand and featuring a 1 million baht custom paint job, was significantly damaged in the crash. Netizens humorously remarked that the pickup truck’s sale might not cover the high-end car’s repair costs, while others expressed support and empathy. The incident emphasised the financial implications of luxury vehicle ownership and sparked widespread discussion about the unexpected challenges that can arise from accidents involving high-value cars.


Woman Leaves Date After Man Denies Loud Fart, Igniting Online Debate

A woman walked out on her dinner date after her companion loudly passed gas but insisted it was the chair, prompting her to seek opinions online. After chatting with him for several weeks, she found his charm shattered when he denied his noisy mishap despite her assurances that it was fine. His awkward attempt to demonstrate his innocence by squatting on the chair drew attention from other diners for five minutes, leaving her embarrassed and prompting her to leave. Social media reacted with mixed views, acknowledging that passing gas is natural, but questioning if his insistent denial and inability to move past it signalled deeper issues.

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