Woman leaves date after man denies loud fart, sparks online debate

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A woman walked out of a dinner date after her male companion loudly passed gas and vehemently denied it, causing a scene despite her assurances that it was right. This unusual incident spurred the woman to seek opinions from netizens on whether her reaction was excessive.

The woman had been looking forward to the date after conversing online for two to three weeks with a man she found witty, intelligent, and charming. However, her perception crumbled during their actual date.

Narrating her ordeal on Reddit, the woman recounted that the evening had been progressing smoothly, with both enjoying drinks and appetisers. Her date had chosen bean soup for his starter, and when the main course arrived, he unexpectedly let out a loud fart.

Visibly embarrassed, he tried to pin the noise on the chair, exclaiming that it was the furniture making the sound, not him. He even went as far as to promise he hadn’t passed gas. To defuse the situation, the woman told him it was fine and asked him to stop talking and lower his voice.

Despite her efforts to move past the incident, the man proceeded to squat awkwardly on his chair to demonstrate his innocence, drawing the attention of other diners for about five minutes. Feeling increasingly embarrassed by his refusal to let the matter go, the woman decided to leave the table.

Following her departure, the man left her several voice messages. Uncertain about her reaction, she turned to social media for advice, reported Mirror.

The public’s response to the woman’s query was mixed. Many acknowledged that passing gas is a natural bodily function that can happen unexpectedly, but the man’s insistent denial due to embarrassment could be a red flag for the future of the relationship.

In related news, a 28 year old woman from Los Angeles, United States, recently shared her worst dating experience. She had been invited by a man to his apartment for a dinner date, only to end up doing housework and eating his leftover food from previous meals.

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