OnlyFans creator fined in Bangsaen for explicit beach display

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A content creator on the adult platform OnlyFans has been fined by Bangsaen police for a sexually explicit public display after her video garnered over two million views. The incident, which took place on the popular Bangsaen Beach in Chon Buri province, involved the woman engaging in sexual acts with a fan.

The video, initially posted between November and December last year, only recently caught public attention, sparking debates over the impact such behaviour could have on the beach’s tourist image.

The footage showed the woman lifting her skirt to reveal her private parts under a palm tree on the beach, while a male companion engaged in intimate touching before they proceeded to a roadside location opposite the beach, where the man also exposed his genitals, reported Sanook.

Yesterday, May 4, the investigation led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Prayong Sriwipan, an investigator at the Saensuk Police Station, resulted in the identification and summons of the 26 year old woman involved, Natch. She faced a charge related to public indecency and was given a fine of 2,000 baht (US$54).

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In related news, a Thai woman sought help from the non-profit organisation Be One after police did not file charges against a soldier who sold explicit videos of her online.

The 19 year old victim, identified only as A, told the Be One organisation that her ex-boyfriend, Sergeant Apisit, secretly recorded videos during sexual activities and sold them online. She broke up with him a few years ago and only recently learned about the videos when her friends came across them on several platforms.

The victim stated that her identity and private parts were clearly visible in the videos, which had ruined her reputation and caused embarrassment. She even thought about suicide when she realised the severity of the issue.

A contacted Apisit to inquire about the videos, and he admitted to sharing them on Twitter.

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