Thailand Video News | Political activist dies after 65-day hunger strike, Woman suffers panic attack after Isaan rocket lands on lawn

In this Thailand video news, Alex and Jay unfold stories from across the country. Beginning with the nation mourning the loss of a political activist who succumbed after a 65-day hunger strike, the report highlights the intense political struggles within the country. Meanwhile, a woman in Isaan suffered a severe panic attack when a stray rocket landed on her lawn, underscoring ongoing issues with local celebrations and safety. In Petchabun, a motocross event in a protected forest area sparked significant controversy among environmentalists and local communities. Adding to the turmoil, a hospital director faced serious accusations of assaulting a teenager caught smoking, raising questions about abuse of power in medical institutions. In a shocking incident in Phuket, a man was arrested following a violent, drunken axe attack on his wife, shedding light on the persistent issue of domestic violence.

Thai Political Activist Dies After 65-Day Hunger Strike in Pre-Trial Detention

Netiporn Sanae-sangkhom, a 28-year-old Thai political activist charged with lèse-majesté for criticising Thailand’s monarchy, died in pre-trial detention following a 65-day hunger strike. Detained since January 26, she refused food and water to protest the imprisonment of political dissidents. Netiporn’s death, attributed to cardiac arrest, has prompted calls for vigils and raised concerns about prison conditions and double standards in the Thai justice system. A member of the youth-led Thalu Wang protest group, she faced seven legal cases, including two lèse-majesté charges for her involvement in 2022 protests against royal privileges. Her treatment has drawn stark comparisons to the lenient handling of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s incarceration.

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Phuket Man Arrested for Axe Attack on Wife in Alcohol-Fueled Incident

In Phuket’s Srisoonthorn, a 56-year-old man, Insorn Bousai, was arrested after attacking his 52-year-old wife, Boonjun Buasai, with an axe during an alcohol-fueled argument, causing severe injury to her foot. The Thalang police, led by Lt. Thitiwat Asasingh, responded promptly, finding an intoxicated Insorn and a heavily bleeding Boonjun. The medical team administered first aid before transferring her to Thalang Hospital. Insorn was taken into custody for further questioning. This violent incident has shocked the local community and highlighted the urgent need to address domestic violence, particularly when exacerbated by alcohol.


Ex-Monk Accused of Leaking Nude Images in Scandal Involving Physical Abuse and Coercion

A former monk from Uthai Thani, Siddhiphon, is facing severe allegations of physical violence and coercing his ex-girlfriend, Manita, into compromising video calls, leading to the unauthorised distribution of her nude images within his temple community. The 29-year-old woman sought help from a government advisor and the founder of the Sai Mai Must Survive Facebook page after enduring a tumultuous relationship marked by jealousy, control issues, and a miscarriage. Siddhiphon, who was ordained as a monk on April 28, continued his harassment even after ordination, coercing Manita into undressed video calls to verify her fidelity. The scandal escalated when another monk warned Manita about Siddhiphon’s behavior, prompting her to report the incident. The advisor to the Minister of the Interior has taken up her case, and police are expected to issue a summons for Siddhiphon under the Computer Crime Act.


Motocross Group Criticised for Allegedly Racing Through Protected Forest in Phetchabun

A local motocross group is facing backlash for allegedly organising an off-road event in the protected Khao Phlok Lhon National Forest Reserve and Ban Sok Duea community forest in Phetchabun province, Thailand. The event, ENDURO MEETING, held on May 12, reportedly involved around 300 riders. Community forest committee members claim the event was unauthorised, prompting legal action under the Community Forest Act B.E. 2562 (2019). In defense, the Moto Story page asserted that the event was a tourism and fundraising activity, not a race, and had proper permissions. They emphasised their contributions to the community and conservation efforts. This incident underscores the ongoing tension between recreational activities and conservation in Thailand’s community forests, highlighting the need for clear regulations to ensure sustainable use of protected areas.


Hospital Director Accused of Assaulting Teen for Smoking in No-Smoking Zone

Dr. Rianthong Nanna, the director of Mongkutwattana Hospital, is facing serious allegations after reportedly assaulting a 14-year-old boy and forcing him to strip as punishment for smoking in the hospital’s restroom. The boy’s mother has filed a formal complaint, questioning the appropriateness of Dr. Rianthong’s disciplinary actions. The incident occurred in an outpatient department area with strict no-smoking policies, where smoke infiltrated the air conditioning system, affecting waiting patients. Dr. Rianthong defended his actions on social media, citing previous fire incidents caused by smoking and emphasising the hospital’s commitment to maintaining a safe environment. The situation escalated when the teen returned with a group of motorcyclists to intimidate staff.


Thai Woman Suffers Panic Attack After Rocket from Isaan Festival Lands on Lawn

A Thai woman experienced a panic attack when a rocket from a traditional festival in Roi Et province landed on her front lawn, prompting her son, television host Thanasub Ounsuang, to demand accountability. On May 13, Thanasub shared the incident on Facebook, revealing that the rocket, worth 10 million baht, narrowly missed injuring his family members who often sit on the lawn. His mother was hospitalised due to the shock. Thanasub acknowledged the cultural significance of the rocket festival in Isaan but stressed the need for safety measures to prevent such incidents. He called for public support in seeking justice and accountability from the festival organisers, local authorities, and government departments, who have yet to respond.

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