Shady ex-monk accused of leaking naked images in major scandal

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An ex-monk from Uthai Thani is embroiled in a major scandal, facing serious allegations of physical violence and coercing his ex-girlfriend into a compromising video call. This incident resulted in the unauthorised distribution of her naked images within his temple community.

The victim, Manita, sought assistance from a government advisor and the founder of the Sai Mai Must Survive Facebook page after her privacy and dignity were compromised.

The 29 year old compromised woman from Kanchana Buri Province, recounted her relationship with her ex-partner, Siddhiphon, also 29, who was ordained as a monk on April 28.

The pair’s four-month relationship was marred by jealousy and control issues, culminating in Siddhiphon’s demands during video calls which resulted in the distribution of her private images among the clergy.

The relationship began early this year, with Siddhiphon frequently exhibiting jealous behaviour and insisting on constant video communication, once even resorting to physical aggression.

Manita revealed that after a miscarriage, Siddhiphon refused to acknowledge the child, accusing her of infidelity, even though he maintained constant communication with his ex-wife. Manita terminated the relationship to avoid further conflict in the wake of Siddhiphon’s constant harassment and threats which compounded with his mother’s disapproval, falsely accusing her of gold-digging.


However, Siddhiphon persisted in his menacing conduct, even forcibly taking her on his motorcycle to resolve issues which remained unsettled due to his ongoing contact with a previous partner.

Siddhiphon’s troubles extended beyond the relationship where he misappropriated over 50,000 baht from a savings account opened under someone else, which led to threats from the account owner and ultimately to his ordination, seemingly as a refuge from his secular problems.

The ex-monk’s behaviour did not cease with his ordination. He phoned Manita almost daily, accusing her of infidelity and forcing her into video calls while she was undressed, justifying his actions as a means to verify her fidelity.

Despite Manita’s resistance, Siddhiphon captured images of her without her consent. On May 7, he confronted her with the images, which he claimed were taken without malicious intent.

The situation escalated when another monk warned Manita about the inappropriate conduct, which had become known within the temple. This revelation led her to report the incident to the Sai Mai Must Survive page, fearing for her and her child’s safety, especially given Siddhiphon’s familial ties to the police and his volatile nature.

Ekkaphop Luangprasert, the advisor to the Minister of the Interior and the founder of the aforementioned Facebook page, has taken up Manita’s cause.

Harsh consequences

Ekkaphop indicated that Siddhiphon’s actions could lead to charges under the Computer Crime Act due to the sharing of explicit images. The police are expected to issue a summons for Siddhiphon to give his statement.

Siddhiphon denied the allegations, claiming he was not the instigator of the video calls and did not share the images with other monks. He further refuted the accusation of displaying his genitals during the calls and maintained that his ordination was an attempt to avoid further interaction with Manita, not due to any financial chase.

Siddhiphon has expressed his readiness to face legal proceedings, reported Khaosod.

This case highlights the complexities of digital consent and privacy violations, as well as the challenges faced by victims in seeking justice against individuals who misuse technology to exploit and intimidate.

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