Thailand News Today | Sexy Thai model exposed as an identity thief and transwoman

A sexy Thai model became notorious almost overnight after becoming an identity thief. The model stole the identification card (ID card) of a former college friend for work, causing all sorts of problems for the innocent woman who was subjected to several police summonses.

But there’s more! The identity theft revealed that the model is a transwoman, shocking her fans and followers nationwide.
Kanokyada “Qa-nan” Jitampon is a well-known sexy model on Thai social media. The 26-year-old’s profile soared after she put up for sale an old iPhone 12 Pro Max complete with her sexy pictures and videos. A bidding war ensued and one fan offered over 400,000 baht for the phone.

Most of her fans believed that she was a real woman. Likewise, agencies that hired her to promote their products had the same understanding because she had a woman’s ID card proving her identity. The picture on the ID card doesn’t look like her but it is generally accepted that people change over time and cosmetic surgery could also change an appearance. So, no one was aware of this.
Qa-nan’s secret was revealed when the actual owner of the ID card, 24-year-old Kanokyada (surname reserved) or Joy, came forward after threats of police prosecution.

Joy received several police summonses for illegal acts she had not committed. Police asked Joy to explain her illegal promotion of online gambling and alcohol. She was also informed by the Revenue Department that she had a huge tax bill.

Joy tried to reach out to Qa-nan to clear up the issue, but the model blocked her contact on every channel. Joy then asked the non-profit organisation, Saimai Survive, if they could intervene because she was at her wit’s end.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors aims to launch in Thailand this month after a period of recruiting in the kingdom. The company will sell electric vehicles (EVs) in Thailand.

Tesla registered as a company in Thailand in May this year with an initial registered capital of 3 million baht.
The company is releasing two cars initially, the Model 3 and Model Y, starting at a price of 1.75 million baht. Both models are ready to be delivered to owners in early 2023.

The company’s expansion into Thailand comes after its plans to expand into India were foiled by tariff disputes and efforts to downsize its workforce by 10% amid recession concerns. Tesla is expected to sell, but not produce or assemble, EVs in Thailand.

Thailand’s Transport Ministry is under orders to request more international flights to the country as tourism surges. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-chat issued the order for the ministry to contact international flight carriers on the same day he noted that tourism is on the road to recovery. According to the government, the country has seen around 10 million foreign arrivals up until December 10 of this year. That number will only grow as the high season arrives soon.
Orders for more ground service staff have also been carried out to assist with the influx of travellers. In other news, the Tourism and Sports Ministry has reportedly delayed its proposal to the cabinet of allowing night entertainment venues in some areas to stay open past 2 am. Now, the proposal to the cabinet is set to come at the same time as the “We Travel Together” tourism campaign on December 20.

A fisherman from Rayong province in eastern Thailand accidentally speared himself in the face with a fish harpoon yesterday.
30-year-old Sarot from Rayong’s Chamao district went fishing with some friends at the Mor Mui Reservoir in the Pluak Daeng district. He dived into the water and tried to spear a fish, but his fish harpoon “exploded” and the dart launched into his face. The harpoon pierced through Sarot’s left cheek and all the way through his nose.
Doctors at Pluak Daeng Hospital surgically removed the fish harpoon from Sarot’s face. He is currently recovering from the incident in the hospital and his condition is stable.

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