Thailand News Today | Police raided a live pornographic studio set up in Pattaya

Police raided a live pornographic studio set up at a condominium in Pattaya yesterday, arrested six people, and confiscated recording equipment and sex toys.

Police found five men and a woman either participating, filming or live streaming obscene sexual acts to a Chinese audience

Police seized more than 50 sex toys, lubricating gels, jelly Viagra pills, four lighting units, four mobile phone stands, and 12 mobile phones while dozens of used and unused condoms were also found at the scene.

The suspects made known they were hired by a Chinese businessman who paid them 1,500 baht per clip produced. The suspects revealed they made about five clips a day. Thais were hired to set up VIP accounts, take subscribers’ money, and Livestream Thais having sex. Thirty actors in total were involved and the live streaming was broadcast 24 hours a day.


A drunk driver tried to smash his way through a police checkpoint in Pattaya yesterday. His attempt failed and police arrested the inebriated man.

Pattaya Police says they saw the sedan driving erratically as it approached the police checkpoint. Police flagged the car to stop but the driver put his foot down and tried to break through the line only to crash into a police motorbike nearby.

One policeman who was on the motorbike managed to jump clear to safety. The motorcycle wasn’t as lucky.

The drunk driver, Nattanet Puttawong, tried to put up a struggle and escape but eventually surrendered. He then confessed he’d had a drink before setting off on his journey.

Police then breathalyzed him and the alcohol was well over the legal limit.


The world-renowned island province of Phuket was Thailand’s top tourism spot in the first 10 months of 2022. From January to October, Phuket drew 2.32 million international tourists to its shores, followed by Chon Buri with 975,026 tourists, Surat Thani with 606,812 tourists, Songkhla with 581,808 tourists, and Chiang Mai with 496,111 tourists.

Deputy government spokesperson Tipanan Sirichana said today that Phuket generated the most tourism income out of any province, with 127.9 billion baht. This was followed by Chonburi with 13.2 billion baht, Surat Thani with 7.5 billion baht, Chiang Mai with 4.2 billion baht, and Songkhla with 3.6 billion baht.

Thailand welcomed its 10 millionth visitor this year on December 10, and According to the governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand is on course to attract around 11 million tourists this year.


A man was savaged to death by three pit bulls in the Isaan province of Udon Thani. The owner of the dogs is distraught and revealed he will find a new home for the dogs to avoid the same fate in the future.

Pornchai Ritmaha was attacked by three pit bulls last night at about 8 pm. The 47-year-old man was walking past a neighbour’s house when the three pit bulls suddenly attacked him.

Pornchai had many wounds all over his body but the pit bulls were particularly brutal to his genitals, arms, and legs. They tore the main artery and made him lose a lot of blood and he later died in the hospital.

The owner told the media that he was not at home when the incident happened, speculating that someone must have left the front door open allowing the dogs to attack Pornchai.

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