The best places to visit in Old Bangkok

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Old Bangkok has many original charms that are reminiscent of Thailand’s history. From the iconic Great Wall to the world’s largest Chinatown, many exciting sights can be had away from the hustle and bustle of modern Sukhumvit. Here, is where tourists can find exotic experiences that offer a bit of education and amazing photo opportunities.

1. Kudi Jin

Bangkok’s Portuguese community rules the maze-like passageways next to the Chao Phraya River. Dating back to 1760, the wooden teak houses have Mary door-knockers and Jesus pictures that add to the old-world feel. Here, you can wander through the square, admiring the Portuguese architecture and marvel at its place along the river. For a delightful snack, you can visit the long-standing bakery that features 3-generational, traditional Portuguese treats.

Kudee Jin : un quartier historique oublié de Bangkok | La Thailande et l'Asie
Kudi Jin

2. Yaowarat Road

The world’s largest Chinatown is located on Bangkok’s Yaowarat Road. Here, you can wander around in awe, while being transcended into the fascinating world of China. The main road features colourful shrines, plenty of Chinese-language signs, and tons of souvenirs. Foodies will undoubtedly enjoy the plethora of delicious Hong Kong and mainland Chinese dishes that include bird’s nest soup, dim sum, and other famous eats.

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3. Rattanakosin Island

Although the name of this area is not as famous as its sights within, the Grand Palace will refresh your memory. This piece of land was originally an island surrounded by the Chao Phraya River and a series of moats. Now, it is one of the last places in Thailand’s capital without shopping malls, condos, or skyscrapers. Here, you can traverse the area by foot, and take in the iconic temples that dot the Royal Palace. l

Rattanakosin Island : Bangkok Destination Attraction, Thailand
Rattanakosin Island

4. Nang Loeng

This area is full of tiny alleys which housed a diverse group of immigrants and dates back to the 1800’s. The market then sprouted up to become one of Bangkok’s best-kept secrets, along with featuring a vibrant community. Here, you can sample many delicious cuisines in one of the capital’s best food courts. Thailand’s oldest movie theatre is also here, making it a great place to experience Old Bangkok.

Nang Loeng Market (Khao Gaeng Rattana) bangkok (4) - Living + Nomads – Travel tips, Guides, News & Information!
Nang Loeng

5. Phraeng Phuton

This charming area is reminiscent of an Italian piazza and is still largely unknown to tourists. Neoclassical European houses, that were built by King Rama V in the early 1900’s, surround the square. is square, reminiscent of an Italian piazza, remains off the tourist route. Foodies will love coming here for authentic, single dish specialties that have been passed down for generations.

Bangkok Walks: Central Rattanakosin - Phraeng Phuton
Phraeng Phuton

Old Bangkok is definitely something to consider seeing when coming to Thailand’s capital, as it truly depicts the city’s original roots that were graciously saved from modernisation. Here, you can be sure to capture some original moments of what it truly means to be Thai, while savouring some delicious food and admiring the influence of immigrants on the area.


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