Thailand’s cabinet approves budget to help Andaman tourism and development


Thailand’s cabinet is making it a priority to support development in the country’s Andaman provinces of Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Trang, and Satun. The budget of 338.8 million baht will go towards 6 projects in environmental and tourism development.

A budget of 80.8 million baht will go to health services and environmental systems projects at Lipe Island in Satun. A budget of 68.8 million baht will go to conservation and restoration of dugong and other animal centres in Trang. A budget of 25.3 million baht will go to the Phuket Health Sandbox, which plans to connect health services throughout the region under one system. The sandbox is intended to become an important part of the region’s health tourism.

A centre for tourism and coastal activities in Phang Nga will receive a budget of 80 million baht. A budget of 35 million baht will go to pier and tourism development in Krabi, as well as developing Krabi’s Ji Lard Canal. A budget of 49 million baht will go to herbal onsen and hot springs tourism develpment in Krabi’s Khlong Thom district.

Last year, Thailand’s cabinet approved a budget of 9 billion baht for similar development projects in the Andaman. The plan had an emphasis on rebooting the region’s tourism economy that had been demolished by Covid-19 restrictions. It focused on encouraging economic development, and social programmes.

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SOURCE: The Phuket Express | The Phuket News

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