Thailand ranked one of 10 safest travel destinations

Thailand slid into 8th place in a survey of 1,500 Americans on the world’s safest travel destinations but is still in the world’s top 10. Canada snagged the winning spot during this survey in 1st place, followed by Iceland, Sweden, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland, South Korea, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. The survey was taken by travel insurance provider Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, as part of its 2022 State of Travel Insurance Report.

As Thailand prepares to ease several entry restrictions on the Thailand Pass from today, Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has welcomed the ranking, according to a deputy government spokeswoman. The spokeswoman said the PM sees the ranking as helpful in the wake of the recent changes and easing entry restrictions with the revised Thailand Pass.

This news comes as travellers are finally flocking back to parts of Southeast Asia. In Thailand, the number of foreign visitors rose 38% in March from February, of course from a low base. The director of Chiang Mai airport said the airport is ready for an influx of international passengers after the country’s entry requirements are eased from today. Phuket Airport this week also revised all its procedures for the new, simplified Thailand Pass which goes into effect today.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, 33,600 travellers arrived from January to February. Compared to the same time last year, the country saw a 260% increase.

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Flights to Singapore from several countries are expected to see a massive spike. Flights from Indonesia to Singapore are expected to quadruple from 55 to 222, while flights from India to Singapore are expected to reach 190. There were only 100 earlier this year.

It’s not just air travel that’s picking up again in Southeast Asia. Thailand also reopened its land border with Malaysia earlier this month. Land borders in Thailand open in 31 provinces from today, another important lifting of restrictions. read about that HERE.

We’ll see if the recent safety ranking increases travellers’ interest in making their way to Thailand.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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