What makes Siam Paragon the top shopping destination

Photo Via: Siam Paragon

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Siam Paragon, one of Bangkok’s most prominent shopping centres, celebrates its 16th anniversary in December 2021.

Despite the fact that Siam Paragon has been in operation for 16 years, it is still regarded as Bangkok’s best shopping centre. This is because it focuses on offering ‘extraordinary experiences’ that visitors can discover new experiences every day from world-class brands, special offers and year-round events.

Siam Paragon also has so much to offer! Entering Siam Paragon is like entering a universe filled with everything you could ever desire. From brand labels to local handicrafts and goods, Siam Paragon offers a diverse range of shopping options. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of international cuisine to pick from, ranging from high-end restaurants to delectable street food. The world-class movie theatre and Thailand’s largest aquarium are among the other attractions. Siam Paragon is conveniently accessible from the BTS Sky Train. Even if you spend a full day at Siam Paragon, you will be compelled to return for more.

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Why Siam Paragon remains one of the best shopping centres in Bangkok

Outstanding Experiences

Siam Paragon has established itself as one of Asia’s most opulent shopping centres, attracting tens of thousands of local and international visitors each day.

There is so much to do at Siam Paragon that you can spend your entire day there. You can take a break at one of the stylish cafes along the thoroughfares of Siam Paragon. If you’re a shopaholic, there are a plethora of options to pick from, ranging from high-end luxury to budget-friendly brands. You can visit the famous bookstore, enjoy a delicious meal, or watch a great movie.

At Siam Paragon, visitors will also find world-class experiences like exclusive pop-up stores from luxury brands like Bottega Veneta, Gucci that showcase their limited pieces and special exclusive collections. Not to mention all-year-round seasonal happenings like Chinese New Year Celebrations, Songkran and year-end festive season.

Sensational Shopping Destination

Your shopping experience will not be completed without a trip to Siam Paragon. You have options from high-end brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada. For affordable options, there are brands like H&M and ZARA. So if you are price-conscious, no worries! It’s also worthwhile to keep an eye out for seasonal sales across the mall, as you can strike it rich and score a designer bag.

Furthermore, Siam Paragon’s boasts the most cutting-edge technology. Because you are dealing with official dealers, you will receive first-rate advice and first-rate customer service while choosing your products at Siam Paragon.

What makes Siam Paragon the top shopping destination | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: Siam Paragon

Excellent Cuisine

Siam Paragon welcomes you with a range of new world-class eateries, each providing a different cuisine. At Siam Paragon you can find almost anything your tummy desires. Siam Paragon is known for being the “World-Class Food Destination”. This is because there are many restaurants and eateries to select from, ranging from street food to Michelin-Star. Some of the options include the latest lifestyle café CDGRE, Singapore’s signature seafood restaurant Jumbo Seafood, Authentic Thai cuisine Chilli Thai or Nara Thai Cuisine, Hong Kong’s famous restaurant Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun, Italian delicacy MOZZA by Cocotte or Amici and many more.

What makes Siam Paragon the top shopping destination | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: Jumbo Seafood

CDGRE (pronounced cee-dee-gree) is a lifestyle coffee shop and restaurant in Siam Paragon. Chef Gaggan Anand and Michelin-Starred Thomas and Mathias Sühring have partnered with leading Thai streetwear brands Carnival to launch this new endeavour. With the founders “expertise and knowledge” in coffee, food and snappy twists on street fashion, they launch the restaurant in 3 different zones. The first zone is a slow bar that specializes in speciality cuppas brewed with beans obtained locally and abroad by Chef Gaggan. The next stop is a modest bistro run by Thomas and Mathias Sühring, whose eponymous restaurant is the only one from Thailand to make the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2021. Then there’s the Carnival crew’s streetwear store, which has put together an exclusive assortment of items that includes anything from T-shirts to bags to coffee-making equipment.

What makes Siam Paragon the top shopping destination | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: CDGRE Siam Paragon

If you are into Thai food, then you must try Chilli Thai. At Chilli Thai, you may try a variety of delectable delicacies with authentic Thai taste, especially Northeastern Thai style dishes cooked with care and presented in a lovely manner. You can also dine at Mozza by Cocotte, a beautifully decorated restaurant offering a great ambience. At Mozza by Cocotte, you can enjoy the delicious “La Cucina di Mamma” philosophy, which translates to “Mom’s cuisine” with brick oven-baked pizzas and pasta handmade from premium Italian products. The restaurant also offers a relaxing outdoor dining space. Otherwise, there are many other options of international cuisines to choose from at Siam Paragon.

What makes Siam Paragon the top shopping destination | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: Chilli Thai

If you are looking for something slightly more on the affordable side, Gourmet Eats welcomes you with more restaurants and cuisine types than you can possibly consume. There’s a pleasing range of not only standard Thai dishes but also enticing international dishes.

World-class Attractions

Apart from shopping and eating, Siam Paragon also boasts a variety of entertainment options for you. Discover an amazing underwater world at Sea Life Bangkok, This Thailand’s largest aquarium will undoubtedly have you wondering if you have entered another world with the underwater tunnels, surrounded by a variety of sea life including sharks, eagle rays, and schools of fish, the fun and adventurous glass Shark Walk or the Ice Playground featuring the cute Gentoo penguins.

What makes Siam Paragon the top shopping destination | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: Siam Paragon

Furthermore, the Siam Paragon’s top-floor world-class theatre Paragon Cineplex will enhance your movie experience with the best cutting-edge cinema technology and VIP theatres that offer luxurious reclining seats plus food and beverage served in the exclusive lounge. On the other hand, their IMAX theatre is simply a massive 8-storey screen or the large two-storey Siam Pavalai Theatre that houses over 1,096 seats and you will also find Thailand’s first 4D Theatre. The Royal Paragon Hall, one of Asia’s most modern Hall also offers expos and events.

Festive decorations

The Siam Paragon never fails to produce a ‘wow’ factor, when it comes to decorations for festivals or special events. This year, at its landmark Parc Paragon stands a 15-meter-tall Christmas tree and visitors can enjoy taking selfies inside the illuminated tunnel. Parc Paragon is also decorated with characters designed by celebrated Thai illustrator Jackkrit Anantakul to design festive ‘Magic from the Universe’ which also feature AR Characters, Simply scan the QR Code and have fun sharing via social media.

Siam Paragon’s mind-blowing designs and decorations have made it one of the most instagrammable malls in Thailand. With Christmas coming, this is the greatest time to capture shots of the glitzy decorations and Siam Paragon!

What makes Siam Paragon the top shopping destination | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: Siam Paragon

To summarize, people are compelled to return to Siam Paragon because there is simply so much to do. Siam Paragon keeps you entertained all day with a variety of exceptional cuisines, high-end fashion, world-class cinema, and an indoor aquarium. Aside from that, the enchanting seasonal decorations provide the impression that there is always something interesting to see. To make your time spent shopping as comfortable and safe as possible, Siam Paragon has been operating with high standard health and safety measures – to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/siamparagonshopping/

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