Carnival Magic Phuket celebrates all things Thailand

PHOTO: Carnival Magic


Are you ready to experience the magic of Thailand in a different way? Come and explore Carnival Magic — the Magical Kingdom of Lights in Phuket! This 40-acre nighttime Thai carnival-inspired theme park offers a truly unique experience.

At Carnival Magic, you’ll find attractions not found elsewhere in the world. One of the highlights is the world’s largest indoor parade. It features 88 giant parade floats, the biggest of which is a whopping 70 metres long. You can also stroll through an illumination park filled with over 40 million LEDs to create a breathtaking dreamscape of magical lights. The carefully crafted design makes it seem like you’re walking through a fairytale world of dreams come true. And among the many attractions, you’ll find in the theme park, there are 9 that currently hold the Guinness World Records. Every attraction in this theme park will surely delight and entertain visitors of all ages.

But the best thing about Carnival Magic is that it celebrates the culture and traditions of Thailand in a way that can’t be found anywhere else. From attractions to food, Carnival Magic is overflowing with all things uniquely Thai.

Inspired by the charm of Thai culture

The creator of Carnival Magic, Kittikorn Kewkacha, said that the park was inspired by the memories of growing up in Thailand, where festivals, temple fairs, and bustling marketplaces were filled with a carnival atmosphere of good-natured fun and fellowship. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

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Carnival Magic has successfully captured the essence of all that makes Thailand so special. The concept of Sanuk – the Thai style of “having fun” – lies at the heart of this unique park. You’ll be transported to an explosive world of colour, lights, sound, and excitement as you witness the flamboyant costumes, songs, and dances that are so much a part of Thai culture.

Experience a spectacular parade show in River Palace Paradium

Carnival Magic Phuket celebrates all things Thailand | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: River Carnival Parade

Through imagination and the magic of technology, Carnival Magic brings together many of Thailand’s captivating festivities and carnivals, such as the glittering grand Regal Barge within the Rival Carnival Parade Show.

An extravaganza featuring a cast of over 150 actors and 150 crew members, the Rival Carnival Parade Show will surely wow you. Inspired by the legend of Kamala, you won’t believe your eyes when you see the gigantic procession barges and flying creatures on display, as well as massive costumes towering up to 8 metres tall.

Hold onto your seats because the parade show is full of exotic carnival dancers, aerial ballet, animatronics, and jaw-dropping special effects. And the stage? It’s one of the largest stages ever constructed, with a performance space spanning an impressive 70 metres wide.

Carnival Magic in Phuket
PHOTO: River Palace Paradium at Carnival Magic Phuket

The River Palace Paradium itself is mesmerising. Designed to look like a majestic palace in the Kamala Kingdom, you’ll find two legendary elephants guarding the structure. The air-conditioned parade stadium has 2,200 seats — all set to witness theatrical events. It also features a full surround-sound audio system, sophisticated lighting and special effects, and enormous LED screens.

Admire the intricate Thai designs in the Kingdom of Lights

Carnival Magic Phuket celebrates all things Thailand | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Kingdom of Lights at Carnival Magic

The Kingdom of Lights at Carnival Magic is a sight to behold. Home to some of the most intricate and creative Thai-inspired designs, the carnival’s decorations and sculptures light up the park with 40 million LEDs. A walk through this glittering kingdom is an experience like no other, with each area having its own distinct atmosphere and sense of wonder. From an LED structure that looks like a temple to the world’s largest outdoor chandelier, the sheer beauty of it all will leave you in awe.

Uncover the magic of Loy Krathong

Carnival Magic Phuket celebrates all things Thailand | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: River of Bliss at Carnival Magic

The River of Bliss restaurant will offer a dining experience like no other in the near future. This opulent dining hall is inspired by the world-famous Loy Kratong festival. It has lavish decorations that’ll make you feel like you’re floating on a river of bliss. Plus, the food will be served in beautiful Krathongs. Imagine being surrounded by giant Krathongs delicately fashioned from flowers and traditional carvings, all while enjoying a delicious meal. You can soon experience it all when the River of Bliss restaurant is finally open to the public.

To enter these restaurants, you’ll have to board the “Barge of Happiness,” a custom-built hydraulic lift that will elevate you 7 metres to the restaurant entrance. Talk about an unforgettable experience!

Savour traditional Thai food and more

Carnival Magic Phuket celebrates all things Thailand | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Bird of Paradise at Carnival Magic

While the River of Bliss restaurant is still in the works, the Birds of Paradise is already open and ready to serve you delicious Thai delicacies. Their Pad Thai is sure to tantalise your taste buds. They prepare it with only the freshest ingredients available and make it fresh to order. Beyond Thai food, the 3000-seat banquet hall also offers a creative fusion of oriental and western influences with Indian, Halal, and vegetarian favourites available.

Become a prince or princess in Thailand’s storybook

Carnival Magic Phuket
PHOTO: Carnival Magic

Have you ever wanted to live out your childhood dreams of becoming a prince or princess? At Carnival Magic, you have the chance to dress up as royalty from Thai stories of the old. Choose your favourite costume and get your photo taken in a traditional setting so you can bring home memories that will last a lifetime. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not try wearing carnival-inspired costumes around the park? With plenty of attractions and activities on offer, this is one theme park where dressing up definitely makes the experience even more magical.

Shop in a carnival street market

Carnival Magic Phuket celebrates all things Thailand | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Carnival Fun Fair at Carnival Magic

Street and night markets are a staple in any Thailand holiday itinerary. And at the Carnival Fun Fair zone of the park, you’ll find the Market Fair Handicraft Bazaar. This over-the-top outdoor bazaar is inspired by all the sights, sounds, colours, and vibrancy of a carnival street market. Shop amongst vendors selling all kinds of handmade goods while enjoying the festive atmosphere that only a carnival can bring. The Carnival Fun Fair itself is where the heartbeat of the festive atmosphere of the park is always pumping. It boasts endless entertainment and shopping opportunities.

But that’s not all Carnival Magic has to offer. There is so much more that you have to experience yourself!! So grab your friends and family and come experience the magic of Thailand in a whole new way at Carnival Magic. You won’t regret it – this kingdom is sure to leave lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

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