British International School, Phuket: Reflecting on 25 years of world-class education

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We are all aware of how rapidly the educational landscape is changing. Much is required for a school to remain relevant and change with the times. So when we heard that British International School, Phuket (BISP) was turning 25, we knew there’d be much to celebrate.

In September 2021, British International School, Phuket kicked off its 25th-anniversary commemoration with a blessing ceremony. This ceremony is an annual tradition that helps pay respects to the foundation of the school. The 25th-anniversary celebrations will continue with a series of events throughout the year. These include being a host to large gathering events throughout the next nine months to help accommodate guests from around the world who could not make it to Phuket due to Covid-19. So in effect, the school will be enjoying extended 25th-year celebrations.

BISP is also developing an online alumni portal that will go live next month as part of the 25th-anniversary celebration. This will be a place for alumni from all over the world to connect, network, and discuss best practices, as well as to keep up with alumni events in Phuket and elsewhere in the world. In addition to its 25th-anniversary celebration, the school also celebrated the first graduation ceremony on campus in 2 years last May.

PHOTO: British International School Phuket

How BISP stays relevant in a rapidly changing education landscape

As part of the celebrations, BISP takes time to reflect on the past 25 years. Widely known for its world-class education, BISP has a proven record of excellence. With high academic standards, educational innovation, exceptional sporting facilities, and a commitment to welcoming all nationalities and cultures, it’s easy to see why BISP is now in its 25th year.

BISP attributes their continued success to the strength of the BISP community and the alignment of their mission to serve the desires of that community. With their aims to inspire learning, nurture well-being, and ignite passion, BISP supports the parents’ desire for a balance of learning, well-being, and passion in the development of their children.

PHOTO: British International School Phuket

Part of the way BISP stays relevant comes through a culture of openness to change and improvement; this manifests itself at the curricular level, with teachers always seeking knowledge and training to remain at the forefront of their field.

One example is the introduction of programming, coding and robotics at the primary school level. This has also impacted the structure of the school, with the introduction of the sport and art Academies to enable students to reach a level in their specialty, that goes beyond a traditional school curriculum.

Dr Apiramon Ourairat, the CEO of BISP, stated:

“British International School, Phuket has always prided itself on maximising our students’ potential through our heritage, traditions, and core values. Tradition at BISP means that we will always continue to emphasise building individuals who showcase respect, compassion, and integrity. These core values remain timeless. Tradition is not about being staid by focusing on the past. Instead, traditions need to evolve and adapt in accordance to societal factors and norms in order to cultivate worldly and conscientious individuals.”

BISP boasts numerous academic and sporting achievements in the past 25 years

British International School, Phuket: Reflecting on 25 years of world-class education | News by Thaiger

Throughout the past 25 years, BISP students have won numerous awards for top achievements in Thailand. The students have achieved top IB scores and won scholarships to attend universities worldwide, among others. The school also emphasises a focus on diversity and inclusivity within the community.

Of their current graduating class of 57 students, they represent 22 different nationalities. Moreover, 18% of them have attended BISP for more than 13 years. So far, with the help of the school’s university counsellors, students have submitted over 300 applications to 175 universities in 21 countries. More students applied to the UK than any other country. Spain, China, and Brazil also appeared on the list of countries for the 2022 application cycle.

In addition to helping students excel academically, BISP also promotes participation in sports and arts in the community. Visitors can see the encouraging and engaging environment at 2:45 each day. During this hour, students begin their extracurricular activities. Thus, the school is transformed into a festival of enjoyment and participation in a wide range of activities.

That’s why a lot of students enter the highest levels of sports clubs directly from their time at BISP. Many students have been signed by European football clubs, become professional Golfers, and have even represented their respective countries at the Olympics. One of the school’s latest sporting achievements is when one of the students was invited to join the GSPDP/ITF/ATF 14 & Under Team to participate in a series of European tennis tournaments.

“Our families really do experience’ education in paradise,” said Simon Meredith, the Headmaster of British International School, Phuket.

PHOTO: British International School Phuket

Looking into the future and the next 25 years

In the immediate future, the school staff said that they eagerly anticipate a full calendar year of in-person events. These include musical performances, art exhibitions, and sporting competitions. BISP is very excited to welcome the future.

In the upcoming years, BISP wants to improve their campus by modernising the public entrances and areas. They are also upgrading the learning and performance spaces, boarding, and sporting facilities.

British International School, Phuket: Reflecting on 25 years of world-class education | News by Thaiger

As part of the ongoing curriculum and learning reform, they anticipate that there will be more options for students at the high school level. Plus, they’re putting a stronger emphasis on computer science and mathematics across the school.

With the addition of more professionals facilitating workshops, offering counselling, and supplying the community with support and direction, the emphasis on fostering wellbeing will continue. Developing student passions in all spheres of athletics, the arts, academics, STEM, and so forth remain a priority. In August 2022, the school plans to launch a new alumni platform. With this platform, alumni can participate in helping BISP develop students’ passions and the school as a whole.

The learning environments and styles will be much more varied and IT-focused. On the other hand, staff will still teach an international student body. Curriculums will have a stronger individual focus. Teachers and coaches will also continue to play a key role as facilitators. However, they will have more tools at their disposal to help students achieve their academic objectives, promote well-being, and identify their passions.

As travel throughout the world opens up, their boarding community will grow significantly. As BISP is renowned for its green campus, the school hopes to be more environmentally sustainable. They also wants to be able to operate independently of the grid, allowing families to enjoy the fresh air and healthy environment Phuket has to offer.

In the long term, BISP looks forward to the next 25 years of success in its mission to inspire and educate the leaders of tomorrow.

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