Woman exchanges sex for immigration scam to stay in Singapore

PHOTO: An immigration officer and a sex worker were entangled in a scam to allow her to stay in Singapore. (via Today Online / Straits Times)

Not wanting to leave Singapore after her visa expired, a Chinese sex worker got entangled in a complex immigration scam to be arrested so that she was able to stay in the country… for over 3 years. The woman, Liang Qinglan, entered Singapore in May of 2018 with her visa finishing at the end of July. She ended up overstaying by making a deal with an Immigration & Checkpoints Authority officer to get a special pass to remain in Singapore for being involved in a police investigation.

She admitted to exchanging sexual favours and paying bribes to Teo Hwee Peng, an immigration officer, in exchange for her arrest that would keep her in the country. The original deal was an exchange of sex and an iPhone X for help staying in the country, reached shortly after her visa expired. The immigration officer said he would guide her through an arrest that would let her stay.

Teo had connections in the Intel Ops Branch that alerted officers to immigration violators and he used those contacts to have her arrested and asked to assist in another immigration investigation, forcing her to stay in Singapore. She paid a fine for overstay and was then able to stay in Singapore indefinitely.

Liang continued to indulge the immigration officer for the help staying in Singapore, buying him meals and paying him over 50,000 baht instead of the original iPhone promised. She later loaned him another 26,000 baht. Prosecutors say that even though she already had the special pass to remain in the country, she feared Teo could have it revoked or refuse to help her renew it if necessary so she continued to pay.

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Liang could face up to 5 years in jail and fines of up to 2.4 million baht for each count of corruption she faces. She begged the court for mercy, saying she is working to afford care for her sick elderly mother and her 5 year old son.

Now after 3 years of remaining in the country on special permission, she was finally sentenced to 25 weeks in jail and a fine of just under 200,000 baht. Teo is still facing charges and it was revealed that he has been suspended from duty for over a year from November 25. Another woman who was also alleged to have exchanged sex for favours with Teo avoided prosecution when she died in August.

SOURCE: Straits Times

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