Elephant tusks hoped to raise 25 million baht for conservation

PHOTO: 2 elephant tusks are for sale for charity, priced at 25 million baht. (via MCOT)

If you still haven’t found that perfect Christmas present for that hard to shop for loved one, here’s a perfect multi-million baht gift idea. A pair of ethically obtained elephant tusks will be offered on auction to raise money for the Chang Thongkhum Elephant Conservation Centre. The starting bid price? 25 million baht.

Elephant tusks are highly prized and banned in many parts of the world. In Thailand, they are legal to sell or own domestically, but illegal to import or export. The ivory that elephant tusks are made of can fetch up to 100,000 baht per kilogramme, with some adult tusks weighing up to 110 kg or more, making a pair of tusks worth about 11 million baht.

The tusks up for charity auction belonged to a 51 year old male elephant who died last month according to the chairman of the conservation centre. The large tusks are 189 centimetres long and 37 centimetres in circumference.

The fundraiser hopes to raise money for a wealthy benefactor to help support the care of elephants in Thailand. The money would cover the costs of building a new elephant hospital as well as expanding the stables that house elephants at the conservation centre. The money can also fund growing more grazing grass as well as general elephant care, which can add up to over 50,000 baht per elephant per month.

Money will also help in the treatment of sick or injured elephants as well as elderly ones and fund the purchase of elephants from owners that are unable or unwilling to care for them.

Currently, the Chang Thongkhum Elephant Conservation Centre is the home to about 10 elephants full time and cares for an additional 12 elephants. The staff at the centre feed and care for them making sure they eat healthily and get exercise, but the elephants are never required to give rides, put on shows, or do any other type of work.

If you are interested in purchasing the elephant tusks for charity, the owner Mr Thanabadee is reachable by telephone at 093-686-9016


Neill Fronde

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