Wife snaps, stabs husband and burns his car over constant comparisons to ex

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A Thai wife in Chon Buri snapped and stabbed her husband and set fire to his car after he continually compared her to his ex-wife.

Officers from Samet Police Station and Nithi Tri Kunnatham Rescue Foundation rushed to the incident scene at 9pm last night in Samet district following a distress call regarding an injured man. The victim, identified as 36 year old Samart Kengparn, sustained stab wounds to his right arm and shoulder and was promptly transported to Chon Buri Hospital.

Samart informed the officers that his wife was responsible for his injuries. According to Samart, his wife stabbed him while he was playing with his pet dog. He intended to seek assistance at a nearby public health centre, but his wife set fire to his Nissan Navara pickup truck.

The angry woman, Tik, waited for officers at the scene and showed them a bruise on her face, allegedly from her husband. A tearful Tik said…

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“My husband and I have been together for a long time. He is never satisfied with what I do for him. He only ever praises his ex-wife. No matter what I do, I cannot surpass his ex. I am angry and that led to the fight. He punched me in the face. So, I stabbed him twice. When he escaped, I decided to set his car on fire.”

According to KhaoSod, the two were drinking alcohol together before the incident occurred.

Police took the wife for questioning and later contacted her injured husband to discuss the situation to proceed with legal action.

This is not the first time that jealousy has resulted in violent action. Last week, another jealous wife shot and stabbed her cheating husband in the Samu Prakarn province near Bangkok. The wife planned the attack after learning that her husband would take the mistress to vote during the General Election on May 14.

A security camera at the scene captured the moment when his wife jumped onto her husband’s pickup truck and fired a shot into the window. She was seen stabbing the man while he was attempting to escape from the pickup.

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