Black panther killed in Malaysian road accident, sparks safety concerns

Photo from Khaosod

A black panther was fatally struck by a car in the Malaysian town of Simpang Pertang on a Saturday afternoon, shocking animal lovers worldwide. The incident took place in the western region of Negeri Sembilan.

Jelebu District Police disclosed that a 38 year old man driving with his family was involved in the accident. He reported that the adult male black panther, weighing around 40 kilograms, abruptly ran onto the road from the right side, leaving the driver with no time to avoid the collision.

Videos of the accident were posted on Twitter by Jabatan Netizen Malaysia, receiving more than 780,000 views by yesterday morning. Disturbing footage shows the injured black panther, with a seemingly broken back leg, attempting to move away from the road and towards the left side.

The panther was found lifeless in a drain roughly 4 metres away from the collision site. The Negeri Sembilan Wildlife Protection and National Parks Department later removed the carcass for examination. Meanwhile, public outcry has called for authorities to urgently implement measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The Pantera organisation, dedicated to the conservation of big cats, revealed that the Malayan Peninsula is home to the highest population density of black panthers in the world.

Black panthers are the result of a genetic condition called melanism, which causes their coats to appear black while their characteristic patterns or spots remain visible under sunlight.

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