End-stage kidney disease diagnosis shocks 24 year old man

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A 24 year old’s shocking revelation of his terminal kidney disease experience has created a stir on social media. The young man, who identifies himself as bb.boss04 on TikTok, shared his distressing journey of visiting three hospitals before discovering the shocking truth.

Despite leading a healthy lifestyle without alcohol, cigarettes, or nightlife, he was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease at the tender age of 24. He explained and captioned his TikTok video with heartbreaking details.

“Initially, I was diagnosed with acute kidney failure, which was irreversible. Eventually, it turned into chronic kidney disease, requiring dialysis twice a week. Currently, I have applied for a kidney transplant. Reviewing myself this year, discovered end-stage kidney disease at 24, no drinking, no travelling, no smoking.”

Before the sudden kidney disease diagnosis, his body began to show warning signals. These included unilateral headaches, chills, loss of strength in arms and legs, vomiting, pallor, frequent night-time cramps, and a blood pressure reading of 200.

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The first hospital attributed these symptoms to hypertension, and the second diagnosed him with migraines. However, his condition did not improve with medications. Finally, a last-resort blood test at the third hospital revealed sudden kidney failure, reported KhaoSod.

He also mentioned that he has a genetic predisposition to kidney disease as his father suffered from the same illness and passed away several years ago. He speculated that his illness may be related to his lifestyle, including lack of rest, irregular eating habits, daily coffee consumption, and minimal water intake.

His kidney disease story struck a chord online, with a multitude of people pouring in to offer him moral support and well-wishes for his recovery.

While the unfortunate young man had his kidney disease misdiagnosed several times, in June, a new effective and accurate diagnostic kit has been developed to screen for early-stage kidney disease, with a correctness rate of 94%, a sensitivity rate of 96%, and a specificity rate of 97.8%.

This screening method has been approved by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been proposed for inclusion in the gold card scheme to make it more accessible to the public.


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