Tokyo’s Sushiya Nohachi serves world’s smallest sushi at 1500 baht

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Sushiya Nohachi, a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, is redefining the boundaries of culinary art by offering the world’s smallest sushi made with a single grain of rice.

The restaurant’s chef, Hironori Ikeno, was inspired to create this unique menu in 2002 when a customer inquired how small he could make it. Ikeno responded with the creation of a single-grain sushi, demonstrating the art of possibility.

Over the years, Sushiya Nohachi has gained a reputation for its distinctively diminutive sushi. Each piece is meticulously crafted with a single grain of rice, a tiny slice of topping, and sometimes the thinnest strip of seaweed.

Despite their petite size, these mini sushi require more time to prepare than regular sushi due to the precision and detail involved in assembling each component, reports Sanook.

Due to the labour-intensive nature of creating these miniature masterpieces, the restaurant only prepares bite-sized sushi two to three days a week and serves no more than five per day.

The sushi toppings vary with the seasons but exceptions are occasionally made for foreign tourists who visit the restaurant specifically for this unique experience.

In related news, the wealthy Taiwanese YouTuber, Chao Ge, sparked a social media buzz after posting pictures of a birthday party he had arranged for a friend.

The standout feature of the celebration was the naked sushi, where various Japanese dishes were served on the body of a naked woman, used as an alternative to a dining plate.

Chao Ge is widely recognised as the wealthiest YouTuber in Taiwan. He recently shared pictures from a birthday party he had arranged for an acquaintance, causing a stir amongst netizens.

The photographs revealed that the central attraction of the event was naked sushi. This involved serving a variety of Japanese dishes, such as raw fish, sushi, and assorted seafood rice, on the body of a naked woman, who lay across the table as if her body were a serving dish. Read the full story HERE.

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