TikTok star defends marrying older man for his wealth

The viral story of a 25 year old woman’s marriage to a 55 year old man on TikTok resulted in a flurry of comments, many accusing her of marrying for money. The woman, who shares her life with her older husband on her TikTok account, tretippayanipasriwirak, responded to the comments with candidness.

The woman’s life, filled with travels, gold purchases, and dining experiences, was shared on TikTok. Her posts triggered a wave of comments, with many questioning her motives and accusing her of marrying for money.

Not one to stay silent, the woman responded to a comment that money can buy everything, including love.

“This is certainly true. There’s no need to suffer in love. Life is too short. Love should come with money for a good life, a good environment, and a positive attitude.”

When asked what she would do if her husband ran out of money, she confidently replied, My husband has planned his retirement well.

“He lives a carefree life, travelling and eating, waiting for the day he dies. He’s been doing this for ten years. He has enough assets to last a lifetime, including various lands. The money he has will last a lifetime. It will only increase.”

Some comments teased her saying that one can choose a handsome man but if he’s wealthy, he gets picked first. She agreed.

“Hurry up and get rich so you can have the right to choose. Then when you have a wife, you won’t have to make her suffer.”

To some comments that suggested money can buy anything, she said, We live in an era where even water is bought.

“If there’s an easy path, why should we choose the difficult one?”

The woman’s bold responses to the sharp comments have stirred up a lot of interest, leading to a wave of reactions, reported Sanook.

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