Thai woman swept away in South Korean floods

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A Thai woman working illegally in South Korea has tragically become one of the victims of the devastating flash floods, which have claimed the lives of at least 37 people and left nine others missing. As 9,000 residents grapple with the aftermath of this natural disaster in the East Asian nation, the extent of the destruction is becoming apparent.

According to Thai PBS, heavy rainfall in South Korea triggered floods and landslides in various parts of the country, submerging many areas under water. Nearly 50,000 acres of agricultural land have been flooded, and over 560,000 livestock have been affected. The impact on public infrastructure and private properties has been catastrophic.

The Ministry of Interior and Safety of South Korea reported that the floods have so far claimed the lives of at least 37 victims, with nine individuals still missing. As a result, 9,000 residents have been forced to evacuate their homes in search of safer shelter.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul revealed that a Thai woman named Potchamon fell victim to the flash flood. The 33 year old tragically lost her life at her residence in the North Gyeongsang province, where she worked alongside her husband. The rescue team managed to recover her body.

Potchamon’s younger sister, 25 year old Mintra, told Channel 3 that she received a Facebook message from a fellow Thai national working in South Korea at 9am on July 15. The message requested her to contact her sister. When Mintra called, her brother-in-law answered and delivered the devastating news about Potchamon’s fate to the family.

Mintra explained that the funeral would take place in South Korea, with her sister’s ashes later being transferred back to Thailand. However, due to her sister and brother-in-law’s illegal entry and employment in the country, the process of repatriating her ashes is expected to be quite complicated.

Potchamon and Mintra’s 51 year old mother, Somphong, expressed her disbelief at the tragic loss of her daughter. Potchamon had been the breadwinner for the family, working various jobs to support them and repay debts. Over four years in South Korea, she managed to clear her debts and even build three additional houses for the family. Unfortunately, this meant living apart from her three children, aged 13, 10, and 7. Potchamon had planned to work for two more years before returning to Thailand, but her aspirations were cruelly cut short.

Regrettably, the death toll is expected to rise, as several vehicles and passengers are believed to be stranded within tunnels. There are also concerns that some individuals may be trapped inside their homes, awaiting rescue.

These devastating floods are not limited to South Korea alone. India, China, and Japan have also suffered from heavy rainfall and flooding. Scientists warn that the higher global temperatures resulting from climate change contribute to such extreme weather events, including heavy rainfall.

Thai woman died South Korea flood
A Thai woman passed away due to a flood. | Photo via Channel 3

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