Thai Airways increases flights to Singapore

Next month, Thai Airways will increase its BangkokSingapore roundtrip frequency from 21 times per week to 28 times per week. The extra flights will help meet the high demand during the festive season.

Commencing December 12, THAI’s Bangkok – Singapore service will run four times every day as follows…

  1. Flight TG403 will leave Bangkok at 8am and land in Singapore at 11.15am (local time). Flight TG404 will leave Singapore at 12.25pm (local time) and arrive in Bangkok at 1.45pm.
  2. Flight TG413 will take off from Bangkok at 11.30am and arrive in Singapore at 2.50pm (local time). Flight TG414 will depart from Singapore at 3.55pm (local time) and land in Bangkok at 5.15pm.
  3. Flight TG407 will depart from Bangkok at 1.50pm and land in Singapore at 4.10pm (local time). Flight TG408 will leave Singapore at 6.15 (local time) and arrive in Bangkok at 7.35pm.
  4. Flight TG4909 will set off from Bangkok at 4.35pm and arrive in Singapore at 7.55pm (local time). Flight TG410 will leave Singapore at 9pm and land in Bangkok at 10.20pm.

THAI confirmed its winter schedule which will run from now until March 31, 2023…

Intercontinental routes

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Bangkok – London: twice daily.

Bangkok – Paris: daily.

Bangkok – Zurich: daily.

Bangkok – Frankfurt: twice daily.

Bangkok – Munich: daily.

Bangkok – Copenhagen: daily.

Bangkok – Stockholm: Five times weekly and increasing daily from December 1, 2022.

Bangkok – Melbourne: daily.

Regional routes

Bangkok – Tokyo (Narita): twice daily.

Bangkok – Tokyo (Haneda): daily.

Bangkok – Nagoya: daily.

Bangkok – Osaka: daily.

Bangkok – Fukuoka: daily.

Bangkok – Sapporo: daily, starting December 1, 2022.

Bangkok – Manila: twice daily.

Bangkok – Seoul: triple daily.

Bangkok – Taipei: daily. Increases to twice daily starting January 14, 2023.

Bangkok – Hong Kong: twice daily.

Bangkok – Singapore: three daily. Four times daily from December 12.

Bangkok – Jakarta: twice daily.

Bangkok – Denpasar: daily.

Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur: twice daily.

Bangkok – Kolkata: daily. Starts on January 1, 2023.

Bangkok – Chennai: daily.

Bangkok – Hyderabad: daily.

Bangkok – Bengaluru: daily.

Bangkok – Delhi: 22 flights weekly – three daily plus an extra flight on Friday.

Bangkok – Mumbai: daily. Increases to 11 flights weekly starting January 1, 2023.

Bangkok – Dhaka: 10 flights weekly.

Bangkok – Lahore: five flights weekly on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Bangkok – Islamabad: four flights weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Bangkok – Karachi: daily.

Bangkok – Jeddah: four flights weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Daily from January 1, 2023.

Budget airline Thai AirAsia is planning on launching a Chiang Mai – Singapore route soon. It will be the first direct service linking the Rose of the North to Singapore in more than a decade.

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