Suicide bombing in Afghanistan hits students preparing for exam

Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan,

There’s been a suicide bombing in Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul today. The blast hit an education centre in a neighbourhood made up of mostly Hazaras, a persecuted ethnic and religious minority group. Hazaras are mostly Shia Muslims, while Afghanistan has a Sunni majority.

The attack has killed at least 23 people, and at least 36 others were injured. According to UNICEF, the young people at the education centre had been preparing for a university entrance exam. UNICEF condemned the attack in a tweet thread.

One witness to the attack was a 20 year old woman. She said her closest friend, who was 19, was killed in the attack.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility.

An already war-torn country, Afghanistan plunged into chaos in August 2021 when the Taliban came to power. As if the Taliban weren’t enough, another terror group wreaking havoc on the country has been ISIS-K, an ISIS splinter group.

This year, ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for 13 attacks on Hazaras. The group has attacked other minorities as well. In June, ISIS-K gunmen killed at least two people at a Sikh temple. After a bomber and six gunmen tried to storm the temple, a standoff between the Sikhs and ISIS-K lasted for several hours before the Sikhs managed to kill all the militants.

Time will tell when the terrorism plaguing Afghanistan ends.


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