South Korea to add 230 international flights to meet demand

As South Korea’s Covid-19 situation improves and several restrictions have been eased, the country also plans to add 230 international flights next month, to meet a jump in travel demands. South Korea has been known as a Covid hotspot earlier this year after being one of the World Health Organisation’s ‘postcard’ countries for controlling the virus in mid 2020.

But things are looking up. In June, when the new flights are added, the country’s weekly number of international flights will bump up to 762 from 532, according to South Korea’s interior minister. On May 23, South Korea will accept ATK test results from international arrivals, while it has previously only accepted negative PCR tests.

Last month, South Korea lifted the cap on gatherings, and business hour curfews. It also started allowing people to eat in several public spaces, including movie theatres, indoor gyms, religious centres, trains, and busses. Earlier, people couldn’t eat in these spaces due to the country’s Covid restrictions.

Even after the country lifted social distancing rules and the outdoor mask mandate, the number of daily Covid-19 cases has stayed relatively low. Today, South Korea reports 29,541 new Covid-19 cases, and 55 new deaths. This is the third day in a row the country has kept daily cases below 40,000.

South Korea’s interior minister, Lee Sang-min, notes that many of the country’s Covid-19 related deaths have been in elderly care facilities. Lee said the government will check local elderly care facilities and equip them with proper ventilation systems, and enough healthcare workers.

SOURCE: The Korea Herald | Worldometers

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