Saw X film editor’s realistic horror sounds draw police to his home

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In an unexpected turn of events, a film editor working on the horror movie franchise Saw X found himself the subject of a police visit after neighbours mistook the realistic sound effects for actual torture. The unconventional incident, involving Steve Forn, occurred as he was designing the chilling sound effects for a particularly gruesome scene in the upcoming 2023 sequel.

Known for its blood-curdling and terrifying scenes, Saw has become a household name among horror movie enthusiasts. The franchise, with its discontinuous series of events in each instalment, has a unique appeal that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Recently, the director of Saw X, Kevin Greutert, shared an amusing anecdote with the New Musical Express about a particular incident involving the movie’s assistant editor, Forn.

While Forn was at home, busy designing the sound effects for a horrifying scene, he heard a knock at the door. To his surprise, he found the police at his doorstep. The officers explained that a concerned neighbour had reported hearing someone being tortured to death inside his home.

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Keeping his cool, Forn explained what he was doing.

“Actually, I’m working on a movie. You’re welcome to come in and see.”

One of the police officers couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

“We’d love to, but it’s not necessary. Your sound effects must be incredibly realistic!”

This incident, while amusing, serves as a testament to the realism and attention to detail that goes into the making of the Saw movie franchise, particularly in Saw X. One can only wonder if Forn will continue to work with his speakers on full blast at home after this ordeal.

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