Man mistakes wife’s snoring recording for secret lover in humorous homecoming

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In an unexpected twist of events, a man returned home from a business trip overseas hoping to surprise his wife, only to find himself shocked by some snoring sounds he believed to be from his wife’s lover. The incident took place at their residence in Guangdong province in China.

The man, who captured his return home on camera, discovered his wife did not open the door for him when he knocked despite it being 9pm. Nervously, he unlocked the door only to hear, what he believed to be, peculiar male snoring sounds emanating from their bedroom. Fearing his wife might have taken in a lover in his absence, he barged into the room with mixed feelings of anger and disbelief.

To his astonishment, he found his wife alone in the bedroom, the snoring recording sounds originating from her phone. Laughably, those were recordings of the husband’s snoring which his wife listened to whenever he was absent, to help comfort her and lessen her fears of sleeping alone.

Upon realising the snoring recording truth, the husband was moved by his wife’s innocent and endearing act of love. Not only did he rush to embrace her but also found himself regretful for misunderstanding her due to his own idiosyncratic snoring, reported Sanook.

As the snoring recording story reached various social media platforms, the cute gestures of both husband and wife earned them widespread admiration. Many netizens couldn’t resist laughing at this misunderstanding, posting comments such as:

“How sweet the wife is! Just like me at home, accustomed to my husband’s loud snoring. When he’s not there, I can’t sleep. That’s why I record it.”

“The husband’s emotional roller coaster was funny – one minute he was happy, angry the next, and then happy again.”

“I feel really happy for this man who has such a lovely wife.”

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