Price of roses rise, but many express Valentine’s love online

PHOTO: The price of roses is rising, despite many turning to online ways to express their love for Valentine's Day. (via Nation)

Roses have been the traditional gift of love for Valentine’s Day for several centuries. But modern-day V-Day is bringing new trends in the way couples declare their love for one another, with social media platforms and applications offering creative and personalised digital options for expressing affection.

Video calls, for instance, have seen a surge as more couples opt for private declarations of love online. People create video love notes on TikTok and the LINE app allows users to create custom love stickers.

A study conducted by Christopher Newport University in Virginia showed that couples who share their love on Facebook – switching their status from “single” to “in a relationship” – have stronger relationships compared to those who do not. (Sorry everyone with secret lovers.)

The trend towards personalised digital gifts has been driven not only by the discomfort of saying “I love you” in person but also by the ability to make declarations more attractive with elements such as photos and videos. Apps such as Dia de San Valentin and Feliz San Valentín were developed with the sole purpose of helping couples say “I love you” in new ways.

However, despite the growing popularity of digital love declarations, rose growers in Thailand’s Tak province are seeing an increase in orders, causing prices for high-quality roses to rise to as high as 9 baht each.

Rose farmers in Phop Phra and Mae Sot districts have started sending flowers to the Pak Klong wholesale market ahead of Valentine’s Day, with top-grade roses being sold for 8 or 9 baht.

This price rise marks a return to pre-pandemic levels and has resulted in many of the approximately 3,000 rose growers in the Phop Phra district restarting their operations. Half of these growers had stopped growing roses during the pandemic as prices dropped below their cost of production.

People’s love of roses can be traced back to ancient Egyptians and Romans. King Charles II of Sweden is often credited with popularising rose and floral arrangements as gifts for Valentine’s Day when he spread the trend through Europe in the 18th century.

This Valentine’s Day, lovers will share their feelings – some in new and exciting ways online, and some through traditional roses and gifts. Which will you do?

Price of roses rise, but many express Valentine's love online | News by Thaiger

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