Police say US gunman’s weapon was taken from him a week before attack

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More details have emerged on the horrific shooting in the US on Monday. Police said that the gunman’s weapon had been taken from him about a week before he shot and killed a teacher and student at the Central Visual & Performing Arts High School in St. Louis.

The gunman, 19 year old Orlando Harris, also injured seven others in the attack. Harris was eventually shot and killed in a gun battle with police.

Police revealed that on October 15, they went to the gunman’s family home to respond to a domestic disturbance. Officers determined that it was legal for Harris to possess the gun, and a “third party known to the family” took the gun so it was no longer stored in the home, according to St. Louis Sergeant Charles Wall.

Police don’t know how Harris got the gun back after this.

It was also revealed that Harris tried to buy a firearm from a licensed dealer in St. Charles, Missouri on October 8, but an FBI background check “successfully blocked this sale,” according to police.

Harris’s family had been concerned about him. They had been monitoring what he received in the mail and had him stay at a mental health institution.

This news comes after investigators found a note that Harris left, saying he didn’t have friends or a girlfriend and had been an “isolated loner” his entire life.

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