Police find Abby Choi’s head cooked in soup pot

PHOTO: Abby Choi's head was chopped off and cooked with vegetables, police say. (via Reuters)

Police report that the decapitated head of Hong Kong model and socialite Abby Choi, who went missing last Tuesday, was found in a soup pot. The Hong Kong police Police Superintendent revealed that her head had been boiled until only the skull remained.

“When we found the two pots of soup at the scene, one of the pots measuring 50 centimetres deep and 40 centimetres in diameter, was almost full and covered with thick fat, some green radishes and carrots and meat believed to be human flesh.”

Police have charged four people, including Choi’s ex-husband, brother-in-law, father-in-law, and former mother-in-law, have been charged in connection to her gruesome slaying, with all four denied bail.

Choi went missing on week ago today. Three days later, her legs were discovered in a refrigerator and two cooking pots filled with human tissue, while a meat slicer and an electric saw were also found at the scene.

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Police are continuing to search nearby sewers for body parts belonging to Choi. Her arms and torso have yet to be found.

An autopsy report revealed that Choi had a large hole in her skull behind her right ear. This indicates that she was possibly killed by being struck with a hard object.

Choi, who was rising to fame as a fashion model, had appeared in Elle, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. She frequently mingled with celebrities and attended haute couture shows during Paris Fashion Week. Choi was featured in L’Officiel Monaco as a “style icon.” She had amassed over 80,000 Instagram followers.

According to local broadcaster TVB, Choi’s ex-husband, Alex Kwong, was charged by police with murder along with his brother and father. Meanwhile, his mother was charged only with obstruction. On May 8, all four family members charged will return to court for trial.

Police believe the murder was committed because Choi was going to sell a luxury property in the Kadoorie Hill neighbourhood in Ho Man Tin where her ex-husband’s family has reportedly been living. She had paid for the property but registered the land under the name of her former father-in-law to avoid stamp duty.

Police believe that Choi’s former brother-in-law offered to take her to pick up her daughter from school. Once in the car, he knocked her out and brought her to the Tai Po flat. The Police Superintendent described the care they took while chopping her up there.

“The suspects covered the walls of the flat with a sail, and they put on face shields and raincoats so that they would not get bloodstained by dismembering the body.”

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