The top five family-friendly things do in Pattaya

Thailand’s sin city is known for its adult attractions, but did you know there are many things that the entire family can enjoy?

Despite its world-famous reputation for seedy experiences, Pattaya offers a family-friendly experience if you know where to look. Below, are the top five family-friendly attractions that promise to be nothing short of exciting!

1. Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana Water Park may just be the most enjoyable experience for the whole family. With an area of 17,000 square metres, it is the largest waterpark in Thailand. And, it has earned bragging rights as the number-one waterpark in Asia.

The park’s water slides are from Canada’s WhiteWater West, the world’s number one water attraction manufacturer. The park also features a wave pool with a 160-metre beach, two children’s playgrounds, a 600-metre-long lazy river, and a swimming pool that offers an obstacle course, floating market, pool bar and more!

The top five family-friendly things do in Pattaya | News by Thaiger

2. Floating Market

Like all of Thailand’s floating markets, just the mere experience of seeing a bit of the country’s history is magical. Established in 2008, the Pattaya Floating Market is a riverside attraction that showcases the ancient Thai riverside living community.

Here, you can experience an authentic way of life while shopping for cultural and local products from four major regions of the country. Kids will love to take a ride down the river or enjoy a tasty treat while searching for their next souvenir.

The top five family-friendly things do in Pattaya | News by Thaiger

3. Pattaya Sheep Farm

Known as the largest sheep farm in Thailand, the Pattaya Sheep Farm consists of more than 100 rai of land. The whole family can enjoy the beautiful outdoors while experiencing different zones that offer unique sceneries.

The farm also features many exotic animals, such as Sika deer and Alpacas, that you can feed. And, if you are hungry, the Barn Steak House offers delicious steaks and other cuisines. If you are looking for a catering service, the farm can also provide a Thai buffet, steak set menus or set box.

The top five family-friendly things do in Pattaya | News by Thaiger

4. Sanctuary of Truth

This large wooden structure covers more than two rais of land. The very top point is around 105 metres high, making it a majestic sight for anyone.

The Sanctuary of Truth is a beautiful sight for the entire family where everyone can marvel at its design and intricate details. And, if you are trying to teach the little ones about being truthful, the name itself offers a nice segway into a teachable moment!

The top five family-friendly things do in Pattaya | News by Thaiger

5. Art in Paradise

As the largest 3D art museum in the world and the first in Thailand, Art in Paradise offers a unique way to enjoy such creative endeavours. All of the masterpieces are handmade and in 3D. Watch the entire family immerse themselves into the art while feeling like they are a part of the depictions.

With amazing photo ops that will have everyone wondering whether your images are real, the ability to imagine a different world is unlimited. The experience includes an application that allows you to add augmented reality (AR) effects to your photos and videos while making each masterpiece more interactive, creative and fun!

The top five family-friendly things do in Pattaya | News by Thaiger


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