Thai man prints banner thanking court for imprisoning his sons for 33 years

An attempted murder survivor from Udon Thani in northeast Thailand had a huge banner printed thanking Udon Thani Court for imprisoning his two sons for 33 years. His sons tried to kill him over a land dispute, the court ruled.

The banner reads…

“Thank you to Nong Han Police and prosecutors at Udon Thani Court for sentencing my ungrateful sons to 33 years in prison for their ungrateful actions against me. Instant karma, don’t have to wait until the next life.”

However, the suspect’s wife and a relative tell a completely different story.

KhaoSod reported today that an 80 year old man named Ouai Kapradit put up a banner condemning his two sons for attempting to murder him.

Ouai said that his sons tried to kill him because he did not provide them with the plots of land that they wanted, which amounted to about 32,000 square metres.

Ouai hung the banner in front of his house to publicly announce the prosecution of his sons. Then, he attached the banner to his pickup and drove around the community.

KhaoSod reports Ouai’s wife is a bedridden patient. The couple had four sons together, including Samruay, Preeda, Banlaeng, and Boonchan. Banlaeng and Boonchan were accused of trying to murder Ouai.

One of Ouai’s sons, Preeda, said that the two younger brothers came to his father’s house on the evening of September 8 last year. They threatened to kill their father, but he ignored them, reports KhaoSod.

Banlaeng and Boonchan returned the following day and attacked Preeda and his father with a slingshot. Then, they attacked their father with an axe, said Preeda. Preeda said they fought each other and everybody was injured.

So, the father filed a complaint against his two youngest sons for attempted murder at the Nong Harn Police Station. On February 23, the court sentenced Banlaeng to 25 years in prison and Boonchan to 33 years in prison.

Ouai explained that he put up signs both to condemn his sons and to thank the police and the court for providing him with justice. He said that even though his two sons were already imprisoned, he was still concerned because Boonchan’s wife had attempted to steal his assets.

The reporters interviewed Boonchan’s wife, Sunthree, about the issue, but she refused to provide details. She only said that all of Ouai’s accusations were not true.

A relative of the family named Sunan shared with the media that everybody in the family and also the neighbours knew the truth. Sunan said Boonchan, who was imprisoned, was a very good person and always gave his father money.

Sunan alleged that Boonchan gave Ouai 60,000 baht before but Ouai “spent all of it on young women.” His sons complained about his actions making him angry, and he has remained angry with them since then, said Sunan.

Sunan claimed that the fight that Preeda mentioned happened because Ouai did not allow Banlaeng and Boonchan to visit his sick mother. Sunan said he was embarrassed to talk about this and thought the issue would be ongoing.


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