Philippines storms take at least 11 lives in past week

Storms over the past week in the Philippines have reportedly taken at least 11 lives thus far with more heavy rain forecasted. According to Thai PBS World, bad weather has hit the southern and central islands since Christmas weekend. Flooding and landslides have left 52 people dead with hundreds forced to uproot and leave their homes.

The Civil Defence Office says multiple storms have killed at least 11 people since January 3 as floodwaters took over homes and roads. The state weather forecaster is now warning of even more serious flooding in low-lying areas and landslides in mountainous areas of Samar, the central island. Villages are already inundated with heavy rain, with water levels reaching three metres in some areas.

Josh Echano, the Northern Samar provincial disaster officer says one person has been reported missing and more than 2,200 people have been evacuated from their homes. More evacuees are expected.

“The flood is progressing since yesterday, it’s not subsiding. This could be fatal. This could be one of the worst (floods).”

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The Philippines is notorious for its disaster-prone lands and is ranked one of the most vulnerable nations to climate change. Scientists have warned that as the world gets warmer, storms will continually get more powerful.

Back in October 2022, tropical storm Nalgae hit the country, taking at least 98 lives. The Philippines disaster agency reported that about half the deaths were recorded in the southern autonomous region of Bangsamoro because of rain-induced landslides.

Villagers in Kusiong in southern Maguindanao province thought a tidal wave was coming and ran toward higher ground. They were buried alive by the deluge. About 18 bodies, including children, have been dug out by rescuers.

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